April 22, 2024

Original Antigenic Sin: How the vaccines might be making COVID-19 worse

Doctors  Vanden Bossche and Montagnier have warned us about vaccinating during a pandemic with heavy infectious pressure and the use of very narrow spike specific (an immature, sub-optimal, incomplete, immune library spectrum) yielding sub-optimal antibodies and possibly driving vaccine-mediated viral immune escape.  I argue we are seeing just that now in the UK, Israel, and even the U.S. “It is clear that the new variants are created by antibody-mediated selection due to the vaccination,” Montagnier said. It is the vaccination and sub-optimal incomplete “unhinged and deranged” antibody responses that are driving the emergence of the variants. Is this why so many young healthy athletes are dying?`

It is now abundantly clear that the COVID-19 vaccines are ‘leaky’ (leaky vaccines do not stop infection or transmission and allow for immune escape) and do not sterilize the COVID virus. Either they are non-neutralizing, or they lose the neutralizing capacity very quickly. These vaccines show that the more vaccinated a nation is, the more problems it has with the vaccine in terms of escalating infections. These vaccines do not adequately protect the upper respiratory tract. The data is clear that the vaccinated can transmit the virus as efficiently as some people who are completely unprotected. Immunity from the vaccines seems to last only about 4 to 5 months, and thus how could anyone think we can achieve population level herd immunity with these vaccines? It is virtually impossible that these vaccines could get us to herd immunity. There is a zero chance. Yet are we about to accept boosting every 5 months? Do we know if the immune system is designed for this? This, as well as antibody dependent enhancement (ADE) and antibody mediated viral enhancement (AMVE), was not studied. This was a catastrophic omission and failure by the vaccine developers and the FDA as the key regulator in enforcing this.

Yet why would the CDC, NIH, vaccine developers, and their supporters continue to push these leaky, imperfect vaccines onto the population, especially onto low-risk persons, when the antibody immunity quickly wanes? All they did was set the population up for repeated boosters that also carry risk. Why did vaccine developers roll out these imperfect vaccines if they were set to fail from the start? As mentioned, we have not studied if the human immune system is capable of withstanding repeat vaccine boosting. We are seeing that the vaccinated are, at some point, driving transmission with a vaccine that has limited and questionable immunity.

My thesis is that the double-vaccinated and triple-vaccinated (likely quadruple vaccinated in Israel) are driving the transmission of the Delta variant and that this has severe consequences for the vulnerable unvaccinated and the vaccinated, too. They are potentially functioning as asymptomatic super spreaders. I suggest that these COVID vaccines are keeping the vaccinated person alive but allowing for infection and transmission which could permit very virulent strains to circulate within a population. What we are seeing at present cannot really be explained by differences in variants and this breakdown in infections among vaccinated persons. People who are double vaccinated are being made to shed virus at alarmingly high levels.

The Marek’s disease (Read et al.) in chickens model (in which ‘leaky’ non-sterilizing, non-neutralizing imperfect vaccines reduce symptoms but do not stop infection or transmission) and the concept of the Original antigenic sin (in which the initial priming or exposure of the immune system prejudices the immune response life-long to that pathogen/virus or similar ones, and if the initial priming of the immune system is indeed sub-optimal, then the subsequent response [exposure] may be sub-optimal to that pathogen or similar/related ones) may explain what we are potentially facing now with these imperfect COVID vaccines: immune escape, increased viral load, increased transmission, faster transmission, and potentially “hotter” variants.

I wish to make the case that we may be able to explain the surging infections, hospitalizations and death in vaccinated persons as well as unvaccinated persons via the concept of the Original antigenic sin. While some may argue that it is a theoretical argument, the data I am seeing could well be explained by it. I see no other explanation right now for what we are seeing in the post-vaccine data in the U.K., Israel, the U.S., and other places.

Penn State’s Ohm writes, “Leaky vaccines work…without necessarily blocking or slowing viral replication. The result is that infected but vaccinated individuals have extended survival, allowing   highly virulent pathogen that would normally reach an evolutionary dead-end in a dead host, can transmit.” Boots echoed this, and again we suggest that we are possibly facing a Marek 2.0 now with these clearly imperfect COVID vaccines. Yes, more data and acute definitive research is needed, for this was not studied by the vaccine developers. Moreover, we are in the dark as to how safely these vaccines behave in the medium- and long-term. We are in a black box situation. However, what is shaping up raises many urgent questions and is potentially ominous. We run the risk of killing many people, particularly our children, with these vaccines if what we are seeing is the tip of ADE/AMVE.

We are seeing major COVID hospitalizations, ICU admissions, and deaths in the U.K. among the fully vaccinated. This is a huge problem, and this may be an AMVE/ADE that we feared. It is a virologist’s worst nightmare. An enhancing antibody need not be present (as said Dr. Dan Stock, in a personal communication on November 8, 2021), and this nuance must be factored into our discussion. “The greatest deficit is that caused by Th 2 shifting away from CD 8+ cytotoxic natural killer cellular response to the local infection, which is necessarily induced, regardless of what type of Ab gets produced…unhelpful antibodies really are not required for the immune system derangement.”

I argue that the corners cut in the vaccine trials and manufacture under Operation Warp Speed (OWS), in order to reduce the timelines, may have resulted in sub-optimal harmful vaccines being brought to society. Was President Trump misled and misinformed by his scientific advisors and vaccine developers? I argue that they did mislead him. Had the studies been conducted properly regarding vaccine safety and according to the proper durations,  and had we followed up long enough to examine AMVE/ADE, then it is likely that we would not be witnessing what is unfolding in the British data and the Israeli data today. Nor would we see in the U.S. the clear vaccine failure and the potentially dangerous need for repeat boosting. Repeat boosting could be devastating.

I write here because of my fear of what might happen if we proceed to mass-vaccinate healthy children. Based on what has materialized thus far, we think many children could be seriously hurt with these vaccines. Importantly, children just do not have a significant risk from the COVID-19 virus and must be left alone. This vaccine is not needed, and neither the government public health leaders (Francis Collins/NIH, Anthony Fauci/NIAID, Rochelle Walensky/CDC, Woodcock and Marks/FDA), nor vaccine developers have presented their case for why children need these vaccines. Moreover, we run the risk of turning children into asymptomatic super spreaders (as is happening in adults now in the U.K., Israel, and the U.S., as well as incurring lethal outcomes if we move forward with mass vaccination.

Where is the evidence that underpins my thesis that we are indeed staring down the barrel of Marek 2.0? The recent Public Health England (PHE) reports # 44 and # 45 are a key aspect of this thesis (as are 5 prior PHE reports) and, while speculative and theoretical, I think these reports raise serious issues that I cannot dismiss. I think I have even gone past the theoretical. I will unfold the discussion with the following studies that set the table by revealing the failure and immense challenges with the current vaccines (particularly Pfizer) with regard to the Delta variant.

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