June 21, 2024

High-Risk Presidency: 79-Year-Old Joe Biden Coughs His Way Through COVID-19 Press Conference


President Joe Biden held a press conference Tuesday to discuss the COVID-19 pandemic and could not stop coughing, according to a Washington Free Beacon video analysis.

“I know you’re tired, and I know you’re frustrated,” Biden said between coughs. “We all want this to be over. But we’re still in it.”

If Americans are frustrated by the ongoing nature of the pandemic, it might have something to do with the fact that Biden promised he would “shut down the virus” if elected. (Fact check: He has not.)

Almost 400,000 Americans have died from the virus on Biden’s watch. By the end of the year, it’s likely that his total death count will surpass that of his predecessor Donald Trump, co-inventor of the COVID-19 vaccine.

Biden recently celebrated his 79th birthday. His advanced age puts him in the highest risk category for death from COVID-19.

Merry Christmas!

From: Thaleigha Rampersad and Andrew Stiles – Washington Free Beacon

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