May 18, 2024

NBC News deletes tweet with activist quote comparing migrants in Martha’s Vineyard to ‘trash’

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NBC News deleted a tweet containing a quote that compared migrants sent to Martha’s Vineyard to “trash” in an attempt to criticize Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis. The quote came from Max Lefeld, a Venezuelan-American and immigrant activist.

“It’s like me taking my trash out and just driving to different areas where I live and just throwing my trash there,” he said.

Ironically, Lefeld is also a founding member of the Casa Venezuela Dallas foundation, a charity that helps refugees.

NBC posted the quote in a tweet with a link to its article, but deleted the tweet after receiving criticism online.

“You can rip on DeSantis about a lot of things but man did he make baiting these fools into making terrible analogies look effortless,” read one response.

“Did you…did they call these human beings ‘trash’?” responded author Amelia Hamilton.

“Remember, kids: when these people reveal, even inadvertently or without self-awareness, who they really are and what they really think, you should believe them,” read another response.

The article went on to detail that DeSantis faced criticism for what many on the left called a political stunt, but he also received praise from many who said the policy highlighted the massive problem of illegal immigration at the border.

DeSantis confirmed on Wednesday that he had sent two planes full of migrants, mostly from Venezuela, to the vacation resort island famous for its residents, the Obamas. Critics on the left have called it worse than the Holocaust and accused DeSantis of being a totalitarian dictator after unconfirmed reports that some migrants were deceived about the services and jobs they might be getting on the Island.

Others went so far as to accuse him of human trafficking, but his defenders pointed out that President Joe Biden, a Democrat, had also relocated migrants to various cities in the United States to alleviate the growing migrant crisis.

Officials on the island scrambled to find the migrants shelter and other services. On Friday, the migrants were bused out of the island to Joint Base Cape Cod where a shelter was set up for them by the Republican Gov. Charlie Baker.

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Telemundo reporter says migrants flown to Martha’s Vineyard by Ron DeSantis are GRATEFUL to him -‘They’re actually thanking him’

Telemundo reporter says migrants are thankful to Ron DeSantis

Telemundo’s Cristina Londoño Rooney said while activists claim the migrants have been ‘used as pawns’ by DeSantis, the group of Venesuelans were actually happy to be brought up north.

  • A group of 50 migrants enjoyed Venezuelan dishes at the Cape Cod military base in Massachusetts after being shipped from Martha’s Vineyard 
  • The group was flown over from Florida by Gov. Ron DeSantis as a tactic by Republican leaders to protest US border policies 
  • Telemundo’s Cristina Londoño Rooney said the migrants were not angry with DeSantis, but instead grateful for the trip up north 
  • One of the migrants said it was his first time eating his local dish in three months
  •  The moment of respite comes after Martha’s Vineyard declared an emergency over their arrival earlier this week and called in the National Guard

Despite the backlash for flying a group of 50 migrants to Martha’s Vineyard this week, the immigrants are reportedly grateful to Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis. 

Telemundo’s Cristina Londoño Rooney told MSNBC that while immigration activists claim the migrants have been ‘used as pawns’ and ‘abused’ by DeSantis, the group of Venesuelans were actually happy to be brought up north.

‘I can tell you, they’re not angry at Ron DeSantis,’ Rooney said on Thursday after speaking with some of the migrants. ‘They are actually thanking him for having brought them to Martha’s Vineyard.’ 

‘Other people are saying they’re being used as political pawns, but they don’t resent it for now,’ She added. ‘They know they’re the lucky ones.’

Although the migrants received a cold welcome in Martha’s Vineyard with the city declaring a state of emergency and calling in the Nation Guard to move them, the group eventually reached the Cape Cod military base, where they received shelter and a warm meal.  

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Border Patrol Chief in El Paso addresses migrant concerns from law enforcement, lawmakers

“Right now, the Border Patrol is getting about 1,300 migrants a day and the city of El Paso is getting further behind”

EL PASO, Texas (KFOX14) — The Border Patrol continues to make adjustments to the way it’s responding to the surge of asylum seekers.

For days, some of the arriving migrants have been sleeping in the streets in downtown El Paso.

On Friday, the size of the encampment looked smaller.

El Paso Sector Border Patrol Chief, Gloria Chavez, said agents didn’t release any migrants into the streets.

Chavez said the Border Patrol is making changes to the way it’s handing this latest surge while they deal with a harsh reality.

“As the chief of the Border Patrol in this region, I don’t want to release people into the community. That is something that is not ok with us,” Chavez said. “The reality is that my central processing center is at capacity. I am holding right now, 2,700 people in a facility that is authorize to hold 1,040.

She explained the overflow lot is holding 500 people who are waiting to be processed at the moment.

The area where migrants are turning themselves in under the bridge are automatically placed in Border Patrol custody.

Medical services, water and food are available at the staging point under the bridge.

During the intake, agents review fingerprints, photograph migrants for biometrics.

“We want to know who they are. If we have any criminals within these groups coming in, they are not going to be released into that community,” Chavez said.

Congressman Tony Gonzales, who represents a portion of El Paso, shared his concerns about the surge.

“Right now, the Border Patrol is getting about 1,300 migrants a day and the city of El Paso is getting further behind,” Gonzales said.

Gonzales said a handful of Border Patrol agents are not able to patrol the border due to the time spent processing migrants.

“On any shift, in El Paso, you have about eight Border Patrol agents in the field. Everyone else is processing. Essentially, there is nobody out in the field to cover this. Meanwhile there is no end in sight,” Gonzales said.

Chavez said she’s still able to deploy agents to areas that won’t impact the border security severely.

“Will it be like this tomorrow? I don’t know. Will it be like this in a month? We’ll see,” Chavez said. “I still have my checkpoints operational. I’m still operating with agents patrolling Santa Teresa, New Mexico, which is my second busiest station in the region.”

RECOMMENDED: El Paso County Sheriff raises concerns over minimal or no screening for some migrants

El Paso County Sheriff Richard Wiles sounded the alarm about some migrants not being processed on Thursday.

Wiles said his deputies attempted to take five undocumented immigrants to multiple Border Patrol stations, but were advised they could not respond due to staffing issues.

“I saw that yesterday evening. It’s new to me. Today we are looking into it. If we did in fact have something like that take place, I want to make sure we clear it up and that we arrange a situation or coordination so that doesn’t happen again,” Chavez said.

As Texas Governor Greg Abbott has sent several buses with migrants to New York City and Washington D.C., Florida Governor Ron De Santis sent migrants to Martha’s Vineyard, in Massachusetts.

“When you look at the motivation by Gov. Abbott, De Santis, there is a maliciousness there. They want to dehumanize the migrants. I hope the city does this, but you have to coordinate with the recipient city,” said Rep. Veronica Escobar.

El Paso congressman Tony Gonzales said he is also against the governor’s bus program but for different reasons.

“It’s now a word of mouth. Folks are now saying ‘if you go to El Paso they will bus you to Chicago. All it’s doing it’s encouraging more of the chaos,” said Rep. Gonzales. “It’s not solving anything. It’s just making it worst.”

Congress has not taken any significant action on immigration in nearly 30 years. And there doesn’t seem to be any clear consensus on how to move forward.

When it comes to current immigration law, a former Republican lawmaker says congress should start by focusing specifically on asylum law.

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That time Biden was flying Migrants out of Texas….

Biden secretly flying underage migrants into NY in dead of night

Biden secretly flying underage migrants into NY in dead of night

Planeloads of immigrants are being flown into New York under the cover of darkness in an effort by Biden’s administration to quietly resettle them, The Post has learned.

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