April 22, 2024

BREAKING: Musk Welcomes Trump Back! Elon Musk Officially Owns Twitter – Immediately Fires CEO Parag Agrawal, CFO and Legal Head Vijaya Gadde

Elon Musk and Twitter reached a deal on Thursday.

Musk is the official owner of Twitter.

Elon Musk purchased Twitter for $54.20 per share – or about $44 billion.

“Twitter CEO Parag Agrawal and finance chief Ned Segal have left the company’s San Francisco headquarters and will not be returning, sources said.” – According to CNBC.

Vijaya Gadde was also fired on Thursday.

Insider reported:

Elon Musk is now the owner of Twitter.

Thursday evening, Twitter and Musk formally closed on the billionaire’s offer to take the company private by paying $54.20 per share, equal to about $44 billion, sources close to the deal told Insider. Musk made a U-turn on the offer in October, after spending months trying to pull out of the agreement. The same evening, Musk also ousted CEO Parag Agrawal and CFO Ned Segal the sources said.

Musk has been at Twitter’s San Francisco headquarters this week, meeting with workers and holding impromptu discussions with them in the cafe, Insider reported. An all-hands meeting is expected to take place on Friday.

As a result of the new deal, Twitter’s lawsuit against Musk over the $44 billion purchase will come to an end after Twitter files for the case to be dismissed in the Delaware Court of Chancery, University of Michigan business law professor Erik Gordon said.

Recall, Vijaya Gadde, an immigrant from India who hates the First Amendment, was behind the censorship of conservatives and Trump supporters.

Vijaya Gadde was responsible for the censorship and banning policies at Twitter. She is famous for this and apparently took great pride in it.

In her role she allowed the Ayatollah of Iran to promote hate speech on the platform but she took down the account of the leader of the free world, President Donald Trump.

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‘The Bird is Freed’ – Musk reverses lifetime Twitter Bans

Musk to welcome Trump back onto Twitter as he reverses lifetime bans, takes helm as CEO and tweets ‘the bird is freed’ – after firing executives including Parag Agrawal who walks away with $42M

Musk to welcome Trump back onto Twitter, takes helm as CEO

Elon Musk has formally taken over Twitter, and immediately fired several top executives. They included the CEO, CFO, head of legal policy, and general counsel, according to reports.

Elon Musk has formally taken over Twitter, triumphantly posting ‘the bird is freed’ and immediately firing several top executives in what is being seen as his first power move. 

His next move will be to restore Twitter users who have been handed lifetime bans from the platform – among them Donald Trump. 

Twitter’s CEO Parag Agrawal, the chief financial officer Ned Segal, and the top lawyer for the firm, Vijaya Gadde, were culled just hours after Musk finalized the $44billion acquisition. 

Sean Edgett, the company’s general counsel, and chief customer officer Sarah Personette were also pushed out – as the Tesla CEO set out to make his mark in his new position. 

Musk himself will take over as CEO, a source told Bloomberg – although it may only be an interim role. 

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Jim Cramer chokes up as he apologizes for pushing Meta stock: ‘I screwed up!’

Jim Cramer chokes up as he apologizes for pushing Meta stock: ‘I screwed up!’

The investor apologized to viewers for previously recommending they buy shares of Meta – which were at their lowest value in six years.

Jim Cramer appeared to choke up during Thursday’s broadcast of CNBC’s “Squawk on the Street” as the investor apologized to viewers for previously recommending they buy shares of Meta — which tumbled to their lowest levels in six years.

“Let me say this,” a somber Cramer told the CNBC co-panelists in a clip that went viral on Twitter, addressing a Thursday rout in Meta shares that sent them plunging 25% in a single trading session.

“I made a mistake here,” Cramer said, his voice halting and trembling as he spoke. “I was wrong.”

In June, Cramer told his CNBC viewers that they ought to buy Meta stock because its CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, was “simply unstoppable.” Cramer touted the future of the metaverse, which is “a cool place to go.”

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