June 21, 2024

US authorities have lost control of the Southern border to Mexican drug lords who smuggle humans and narcotics and endanger Americans, says border official

‘The cartels are basically running this border.’

US has lost control of southern border to drug lords says US official

An Arizona county official warned that US border control had failed and that migrants crossing from Mexico into the United States found themselves in indentured servitude as cartels run amok on border

  • Arizona county official warns lack of US border control is helping cartels thrive
  • Border Patrols reported the highest number of migrants crossing north in 2022 
  • Lax controls allow cartels to exploit migrants fleeing violence, kept in servitude

An Arizona county official spoke out on the difficulty of enforcing the southern border shared with Mexico as cartel trafficking operations intensify.

Yuma County Supervisor Jonathan Lines told Fox News: ‘The cartels are basically running this border.’

He added: ‘This is not a political discussion. This is a national security issue.’

Mr Lines warned that some migrants, who are often fleeing violence and poverty, remain ‘indebted to the cartel’ when they arrive in the United States when unable to afford the fees demanded for transit.

This comes after President Biden’s meeting with Mexican President Andres Manuel López Obrador during their summit in Mexico last week, after which the President claimed there was ‘no time’ to touch on migration.

More relaxed border policies under the Biden administration have paved the way for Mexican drug cartels to profit from taking people across the border. A Daily Mail source said ‘people are the new dope’ as the cartels judge that ‘under Biden there is serious money to be made from people trafficking’.

The Mexican drug war, a US-led collaborative effort to dismantle cartels and end the trafficking of people and drugs, is one of the world’s largest conflicts, ongoing since 2006 and responsible for 20,000 casualties last year alone.

This follows comments from the Yuma County mayor last week that President Biden’s crackdown on illegal immigration from Mexico would barely ‘move the needle’.

The Republican mayor said it was a step in right direction, but without freeing up agents to properly patrol the frontier it would make little difference.

‘It needs to be more holistic; it needs to be greater,’ he added.

‘And really, until we get down to enforcement, you’re not going to discourage anyone from coming here.’

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US-Mexico border controlled by cartels, not Biden admin

“This is not a political discussion, this is a national security issue.”

US-Mexico border controlled by cartels, not Biden admin

“This is not a political discussion, this is a national security issue. Unless this situation changes and we take back control from the cartels, for the trafficking coming across our border, it will only get worse.”

Mexican cartels have control over the US-Mexico border, using their position to smuggle drugs and violent criminals into the country at the expense of the safety of Americans, a border town official told Fox News.

“This is not a political discussion,” Yuma County Supervisor Jonathan Lines told the outlet. “This is a national security issue.”

“Unless this situation changes and we take back control from the cartels, for the trafficking coming across our border, it will only get worse,” he added.

The Border Patrol officials are too overwhelmed by the recent migrant surge under the Biden administration, allowing the cartels to easily establish effective and lucrative smuggling operations, according to Lines. Migrants unable to pay for help crossing the border are used by the cartels to traffic drugs in exchange for entry into the US.

Ron Vitiello: “Title 42 would not be an issue if this administration followed the law.”

Former US Border Patrol Chief Ron Vitiello: “Title 42 would not be an issue if this administration followed the law.”

“There’s a lot of people that don’t like the United States for whatever reason, and there’s plenty of people that want to get in here and do some damage,” Yuma resident and farmer Alex Muller tolf Fox News. “It’s just like a ticking time bomb.”

Last year alone saw close to 100 known or suspected terrorists arrested at the border, an alarmingly high number compared to the previous five years combined, which saw a total of just 26 arrests.

The human smuggling industry has seen massive profit increases in recent years, having raked in $13 billion as of July – up from to $500 million in 2018. Fentanyl seizures have also skyrocketed, increasing by 206 percent in two years. 

“You have all these cartels that basically run this border, funneling people and drugs across,” a Yuma resident and fifth-generation farmer, Hank Auza, told Fox News. “That’s big money and people.”

Migrant encounters have also increased since the Biden administration took office, from 480,000 in 2020 to 2.3 million in 2022.

“The whole world is crossing the border, and these are the people who want to get caught,” Muller told Fox News. “There’s a lot of people who don’t want to get caught.” 

“Where are they going and who’s supporting them?” Muller continued. “That’s what’s scary.”

With fees for human smuggling across the border costing up to $20,000, many migrants have no choice but to become indebted to the cartel, being forced to work off their debts.

“Not everybody is able to pay for it, and they come as indentured servants,” Lines told Fox News.

Muller believes that the cartels have taken advantage of Biden’s failing border policies.

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Loews Santa Monica Beach Hotel to Lay off 320 Workers as it “Temporarily” Suspends Operations on Mar 4th by Dajia Insurance, an entity created by the Chinese Government

The luxury beachfront hotel, Loews Santa Monica Beach, has announced it is “temporarily” suspending operations effective March 4. The 320 workers at the hotel will be laid off.

The hotel, which opened in 1989, replaced an earlier low-profile motel, sits cater-corner to Tongva Park and two blocks from the Santa Monica Pier. Both of these locations have been plagued by crime and violent incidents over the past few years. For example, in October, 2018, a homeless man was murdered as he slept in the park. Also in 2018, a group of college students got into an altercation with a homeless male who thought they were in “his” park, and he stabbed one of them in the neck. This incident inspired the creation of the popular Facebook group, Santa Monicans Against Crime. More recently in May, a group of teenagers stole a cell phone from a homeless man, an incident that ended in multiple stabbings and arrests. The pier has been the site of multiple arrests for stabbings and other violent crimes.

John Alle, who hosted the first display of the “Santa Monica is Not Safe” billboard on his Third Street Promenade storefront, said that he had spoken to the general manager of the Loews eight months ago. The manager told him that guests with advance 3 to 5 day reservations were cutting their stays after 1 or 2 days. The tourists “did not like what they saw, smelled or felt when they walked around the Downtown and the Promenade.” Alle said that Tongva Park is “full of used needles, sex workers and sick people.” Many of the homeless are armed. Meth and fentanyl are commonly consumed there, as in many other locations around the city.

Alle said he asked members of the City Council and of Downtown Santa Monica Inc, the quasi-governmental agency regulating the downtown, to walk the area with him. None “had time,” he was told. The city then raised the hotel occupancy tax at the end of last year via a measure the council put on the ballot. The Loews Santa Monica Beach is part of Strategic Hotels & Resorts, a company owned by Dajia insurance, an entity created by the Chinese Government. In a statement given to the Santa Monica Daily Press, the Loews Hotel Group stated, “The owners of Loews Santa Monica Beach did not renew Loews Hotels & Co’s management agreement, and as March 4, 2023, the hotel will no longer be operated by Loews. Ownership has advised Loews that operation of the hotel will be temporarily suspended starting March 4th.”

Dajia took control when the previous owner of Strategic Hotels & Resorts, Anbang Insurance Group, had its chairman, Wu Xiaohui, arrested by the Chinese government. Strategic Hotels & Resorts has a website that consists of one page.

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CNN Feigns Ignorance Why Swalwell Shouldn’t Be on Intel Committee

In December 2020, Axios reported that Swalwell’s campaign was infiltrated by a Chinese spy that went by the name Fang Fang

CNN Feigns Ignorance Why Swalwell Shouldn’t Be on Intel Committee

Not long after Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) warned on Tu

Not long after Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) warned on Tuesday that he received a classified intelligence briefing from the FBI about Congressman Eric Swalwell (D-CA) that concerned him enough to pull his Intelligence Committee assignment, some of CNN’s purported journalists on The Lead – including host Jake Tapper – pretended not to know why the compromised Congressman shouldn’t be allowed to serve on the committee. Essentially, gaslighting their viewers.

In December 2020, Axios reported that Swalwell’s campaign was infiltrated by a Chinese spy that went by the name Fang Fang. They noted that Fang installed an intern in Swalwell’s office and had sexual relationships “with at least two mayors of Midwestern cities.” Swalwell has never been publicly grilled on whether his relationship with Fang was also sexual.

Ignoring these facts, Tapper scoffed at McCarthy’s warning and claimed he had “no idea” if he should believe the Speaker or not:

What do you make of it? I – I – I mean, I understand, like, criticizing somebody but saying, “I got a classified briefing from the FBI about so-and-so, and if you knew what I knew, you would agree with what I’m doing.” I’m not saying that’s not true. Maybe it is. I have no idea. I’ve not seen such a thing before.

“And the shield that he has is the word classified,” bemoaned chief political correspondent Dana Bash. “He can say, ‘I can’t tell you what I know but trust me, it’s bad.’”

There was a sinister audacity to that complaint given that CNN, including Bash, were the beneficiaries of dubious and cryptic statements from Democratic Congressman Adam Schiff (CA), both publicly and leaked, that pushed the Russia collusion hoax. That’s not to mention that’s the basis the journalistic profession when they rely heavily on anonymous sources.

She even hinted she wanted that kind of arrangement, seemingly using the show to request leaks from members of Congress. “The question is whether there are other Republicans or frankly Democrats who might have access to that same classified information who could corroborate,” she said.

Ignoring the ethical questions surrounding how she and her husband have enriched themselves while in office, Tapper looked to now-simple Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi (D-CA). “But I think Pelosi was given the same briefing and she was fine with Swalwell being on the committee,” Tapper lamented, insinuating she was a proper standard bearer who won’t allow someone untoward on a sensitive committee.

Bash took to whining about how a Democrat like Swalwell, who was “rabidly partisan” and “proudly so,” couldn’t be on a committee but a Republican member of the House like Marjorie Taylor Greene (GA) could. “It’s also part of him trying to assuage that wing; to say, ‘Look, I’m getting them back for what they did to you because they took you off these committees,’” she said.

Senior political correspondent Abby Phillip argued that Swalwell was only being kicked off the committee “because that’s one of the agenda items that the far-right has. I mean, I don’t know, there are many other people that get fundraising emails sent out about him. He’s definitely one of them on the Republican side.”

This gaslighting about Swalwell by CNN was made possible because of lucrative sponsorships from Intuit and Hello Fresh. Their contact information is linked.

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