February 27, 2024

WaPo, NYT, Politico, CNN, MSNBC’s Main Front Pages Fail to Feature IRS Whistleblower Claims Against Biden’s DOJ

Establishment media networks on Friday avoided posting stories on their homepages about the Thursday IRS whistleblower allegations of political interference by the Justice Department (DOJ) on behalf of the Biden family.

One day after bombshell allegations against the Biden family alleging corruption within President Joe Biden’s DOJ, the establishment media appeared silent on homepages.

According to recent polling, 50 percent of Americans believe the national media intend to mislead, misinform, and persuade the public, as just 35 percent say most news organizations can be relied upon.

Among the networks that refused to post a story around noon Friday about the scandal on their main front pages of their websites were the Washington Post, Politico, New York Times, CNN, and MSNBC. Most published an article about the bombshell.

News sites were not the only media outlets that ignored the news. ABC’s “World News Tonight” and “CBS Evening News” on Thursday evening also ignored the bombshell IRS whistleblower allegations.

Their decision to ignore the allegations follows a historical pattern of shielding their viewers from allegations of Biden family wrongdoing.

In October 2021, ABC, CBS, and NBC spent “0 seconds” reporting on Joe and Hunter Biden’s alleged shared bank account, the Republican National Committee’s research team found.

In June 2022, ABC News, NBC News, and CBS News aired only 298 seconds on Hunter Biden’s “Laptop from Hell” story since March 16, when the New York Times confirmed authentication of the laptop, according to Media Research Center.

In June, the network news channels ABC, CBS, and NBC spent zero time on the alleged Biden “bribery” scandal, compared to 291 minutes on the Trump indictment, according to a media watchdog report.

In addition, ABC News acknowledged in March the legacy outlet refused to review Hunter Biden’s abandoned “Laptop from Hell,” all while reporting on the infamous laptop story by printing scoops from Hunter’s legal team.

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John Durham Gives Chilling Response to Harriet Hageman Question About Two-Tiered Justice System: ‘The Nation Can’t Stand’ (VIDEO)

Republican Rep. Harriet Hageman of Wyoming questioned John Durham yesterday, using her time to point out the rotting corruption at the FBI.

She excoriated the Democrats and their deep state allies for using a lie to try to destroy Trump’s candidacy and then his presidency, noting that they knew it was a lie and didn’t care, as long as it was effective.

She then asked Durham if he believed the country could survive a two-tiered justice system.

Transcript via RedState:

Nothing — and I repeat, nothing — that the FBI did was designed to show that Donald J. Trump was a Russian asset. That wasn’t the purpose of the entire charade. How do I know this is true? Because they told us so. The very people who cooked this up, and the ones who ran this entire operation: Strzok, Lisa Page, Andrew McCabe, Clinesmith, Steele, the DNC, Perkins Coie.

It was never their purpose to prove Russian collusion, and in fact, from the very beginning, they knew that no such thing actually existed. They knew that the entire Russian collusion narrative was fabricated by the Clinton campaign to deflect attention from her mishandling of classified materials and destruction of official emails. They didn’t need to prove Russian collusion. They just had to keep the investigation alive.

And how has this corruption and rot manifested itself in our everyday lives? In our national culture? In our ability to solve the problems we are facing? It has destroyed some of the key foundations of this country, a foundation built on equal protection, on the belief that justice is blind, on the belief that you will be held accountable if you commit a fraud of the magnitude of what we have been discussing here today, on the belief that due process, justice, and constitutional rights are more than mere words. It has left a smoldering hot volcanic mess where the soul of this country used to be — all because a few people in the FBI decided they wanted to destroy a political candidate and ultimately a president and anyone associated with him…

Mr. Durham, here is my question: How long do you think that this country will survive with a two-tiered justice system that seeks to persecute people based on their political beliefs?

This was Durham’s response:

I don’t think that things can go too much further with the view that law enforcement, particularly the FBI or Department of Justice, runs a two-tiered system of justice. The nation can’t stand under those circumstances.

Watch the clips below:

Rep. Harriet Hageman on Twitter: “How long can our country survive with a two tiered justice system?Watch my comments on the Durham report below: pic.twitter.com/iFakyvvjI0 / Twitter”

How long can our country survive with a two tiered justice system?Watch my comments on the Durham report below: pic.twitter.com/iFakyvvjI0

Hageman was right to ask this question and Durham’s response was correct.

Democrats do not seem to care either way.

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BREAKING: Reporters FINALLY demand answers from White House on Biden family corruption

BREAKING: Reporters FINALLY demand answers from White House on Biden family corruption

“I have answered the question,” Karine Jean-Pierre said. She hadn’t.

During Friday’s White House press conference, press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre was flooded with questions from the press pool over the recent Hunter Biden sweetheart plea deal, as well as IRS whistleblower statements made public on Thursday. These revealed that the IRS had been hindered in their investigation by the DOJ.

When asked if Biden, who invited his son to the State Dinner on Thursday evening with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, would have invited someone not related to himself if they had just reached a plea agreement with federal prosecutors, Jean-Pierre said, “I’m just not gonna get into family discussion, personal family discussion.”

The Post Millennial on Twitter: “Reporters demand answers regarding Biden’s knowledge of his son’s overseas business dealings.Karine Jean-Pierre: 🤐pic.twitter.com/QwTOuBBDdF / Twitter”

Reporters demand answers regarding Biden’s knowledge of his son’s overseas business dealings.Karine Jean-Pierre: 🤐pic.twitter.com/QwTOuBBDdF

“That’s his son. It’s a — He’s a family member. It’s not uncommon for family members to attend events at the White House. We could look at past presidents, I’m sure you have. So that is not uncommon. As it relates to anything related to Hunter, I’m just not going to respond to it from here.”

Another reporter chimed in, piggybacking off of his colleague, noting that Coordinator for Strategic Communications at the National Security Council John Kirby would answer the question before, stating “It’s not an unreasonable question to ask, for the President of the United States to be involved, as this message seems to suggest, in some sort of coercive conversation for business dealings by his son.”

“I appreciate the question,” Jean-Pierre responded, adding that “I believe my colleague at the White House Counsel has answered this question already, has dealt with this, has made it very clear. I just don’y have anything to share outside of what my colleagues have shared, and so I would refer you to him and the DOJ.”

“Yes or no, was the President involved in —” one reporter began, before Jean-Pierre cut him off stating.

“I just answered the question. I just said — it’s not up to you how I answer the question.”

When asked to reiterate what her colleagues said to the room, Jean-Pierre said, “I would refer you to them and they will share their statement with you.”

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