February 26, 2024

Joe Biden under fire for multiple ‘no comment’ responses on Maui wildfire as critics say there’s something ‘REAL fishy’ about the federal response to the disaster which has killed over 111

Joe Biden criticized for resorting to ‘no comment’ on Hawaii wildfire

President Biden is facing growing criticism due to his nonchalant responses to the devastating wildfires in Maui that have killed at least 111.

President Biden is facing growing criticism due to his nonchalant responses to the devastating wildfires in Maui that have killed at least 111.

First asked about the blaze on Sunday, the president told a reporter ‘no comment’ as he lounged on the beach near his Delaware vacation home. His response prompted outrage by Republicans and from even some of his Democratic allies.

And while on a leisurely bike ride along the Delaware coast, Biden simply replied he’s ‘looking at it’ when asked by another reporter about whether he wanted to discuss the tragedy in Maui. 

On Tuesday, Biden appeared to forget the name Maui, referring to the island in a speech in Milwaukee as ‘the one where you see on television all the time.’

Later in the speech, Biden cleaned up his language and said he and First Lady Jill would visit Hawaii ‘as soon as we can’ but didn’t want to ‘get in the way’ of recovery efforts as the death toll grows. 

The White House officially announced on Wednesday the president and Jill will travel to Maui on Monday ‘to meet with first responders, survivors, as well as federal, state, and local officials, in the wake of deadly wildfires.’ 

‘Can you tell us about your Hawaii trip?’ asked a reporter on Thursday curious to get more details about the planned stop.

‘No, not now,’ Biden responded, earning him even more backlash.

Biden will jet over to Maui from Lake Tahoe – where he arrives Friday for a vacation. The president had originally been planning to spend six days at the ritzy Nevada vacation spot but opted to cut the trip short following blowback. 

White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre was also grilled inside the White House briefing room about why Biden hadn’t addressed the matter at length or announced a trip.

She pushed back at criticism of the president’s handling of the wildfires in Maui, insisting on Wednesday before the official announcement, ‘we are taking this incredibly seriously.’

‘You’re going to continue to hear from the president. He’s eager to head out to Maui, to see for himself,’ she told CNN’s This Morning.

The president also ignored multiple shouted questions by reporters throughout the week, who wanted an update on the federal response to the disaster. 

He quickly ran past the pack of White House reporters and ignored questions about the fire response while walking across the South Lawn to Marine One on multiple occasions throughout the week.  

On Friday at Camp David, Biden ignored questions after a photo op with Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida and South Korean President President Yoon Suk-yeol.

The leaders are expected to sign a new security pledge, agreeing to consult one another should a crisis arise in the Pacific, a plan that China roasted as forming ‘exclusive groups and cliques’ and comes as North Korea is expected to test a new round of missiles.

Biden’s initial ‘no comment’ remark prompted outrage from even some of his Democratic allies. 

‘I campaigned for you,’ said former Hawaii legislator Kaniela Ing on Monday on X. ‘Now, when I lose dozens of my friends, family, and neighbors. This?’ 

Instagram influencer Rogan O’Handley wrote on Twitter, now known as ‘X,’ that the more we learn about Hawaii, ‘the more we learn why Joe Biden has consistently responded with ‘no comment.’ 

‘There is something REAL fishy going on here,’ he continued.

‘President Biden completely ignored the people of East Palestine. Now, he’s giving the people of Maui the same treatment,’ Rep. Jim Jordan, R-Ohio, wrote on X.

Before Biden announced his visit, Republicans compared his lack of a visit to East Palestine, Ohio – where a train derailed and spilled toxic chemicals, displacing 100s. Biden had promised to visit the Ohio town but never did. 

‘Hey, maybe if we change the name of Maui to Ukraine, maybe they will pay attention to us,’ said former Democratic Hawaii Rep. Tulsi Gabbard, arguing a one-time $700 payment pales in comparison to the tens of billions the U.S. has spent defending Ukraine against Russia.

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WAYNE ROOT: What Just Happened in Maui Proves America is Being Destroyed and Abandoned by Biden and Democrats

By Wayne Allyn Root

What just happened in Maui is NOT normal. Something is very wrong with the Maui wildfire storyline. More on that in a moment. But first, let’s start with a disturbing pattern that bodes disaster for America.

Biden and Democrats are destroying America and abandoning the American people.

Three of the most disgraceful disasters in US history have occurred on Biden’s watch. One is possible. Two seem improbable. Three is a pattern.

First, Biden abandoned Afghanistan in the worst cowardly retreat in American military history. He pulled out the military before the people- which led to disaster.13 soldiers were killed. Thousands of American citizens were left behind. Biden also abandoned our wonderful military dogs on the airport tarmac to die. Finally, Biden abandoned $85 billion in military equipment, paid for by taxpayers.

Does any of this seem “normal” to you? What kind of American would do this to our military heroes, American citizens, and American military dogs?

Then Biden abandoned East Palestine, Ohio after the worst train derailment and environmental disaster in US history. FEMA did nothing. Ohio’s citizens have been left behind to die from poisoned soil, water and air. I thought it was because they were white, rural, conservative Trump voters. Biden didn’t care about them. He treated them like dirt. He abandoned them just like Afghanistan.

After what just happened in Maui, I believe Biden and Democrats leave EVERYONE behind in a disaster. Whether you’re white, black, Asian, Republican, or Democrat, it’s every man for himself. Government will abandon you when you need them most.

Maui proves that. The people of Maui have now been abandoned too. Keep in mind Hawaiians vote almost 100% Democrat. Biden doesn’t care. He just sits on the beach in Delaware, mumbling to himself. He gives billions to Ukraine, and billions to illegal alien invaders, and now to the Brazilian rainforest too. But for suffering American citizens, he couldn’t care less. They’re lucky to get crumbs.

Either nothing matters to heartless Biden, or he has a hatred for Americans.

Now to the actual Maui story. Because what happened in Maui was NOT normal. Something is rotten in Maui.

I know a thing or two about wildfires. I lived for 13 years in Malibu, California- the most fire-prone piece of earth in the world. I lived through many wildfires. Two of them almost burned my home to the ground. Hundreds of homes were lost each time. After I moved to Las Vegas, my old Malibu home was burned to the ground.

Here is what I experienced each time there was a wildfire in Malibu. The Fire Department parked trucks on every block in the path of the fire to defend homes. Police and firemen went door to door to warn us to leave immediately. Police helicopters flew overhead with loudspeakers warning us to “leave now, or you will die.” Jumbo jets dropped fire retardant on the fire (and on homes). Helicopters scooped water from the ocean and dropped it on the fire. Police directed traffic and made sure everyone got away from the fire. Lastly, there were police boats to save citizens who jumped into the ocean.


Keep in mind Hawaii is run 100% by Democrats. The people were abandoned and left to fend for themselves. Government did nothing for them- before, during and after the fire.

First, Maui has a warning siren system. The clueless disaster official never turned on the sirens. So, no one knew a massive fire was coming. That incompetent fool just resigned.

Second, no police or fire went door to door. There were no helicopters with loudspeakers warning neighborhoods to evacuate. Not one victim has mentioned anyone warning them to get out.

Third, the water didn’t work. A liberal, woke, environmentalist water official would not release water to Maui until it was too late. To him, water was more precious than the lives of human beings. Homeowners turned on their hoses and no water came out.

Fourth, Police put up roadblocks that confused fleeing residents. Police herded them all onto one narrow street in Lahaina. It was a deathtrap. A long line of traffic backed up as a wall of fire approached. Those people, children and dogs burned to death in their cars.

Fifth, some of the lucky ones abandoned their cars and jumped into the ocean. They treaded water for hours until help arrived. Why? Where was the US Navy? Where were police boats to rescue them?

Since the worst wildfire in modern US history, the Biden administration has done virtually nothing for the people of Maui. Witnesses say no help has arrived. Where’s FEMA? Witnesses say at donation sites for victims there are no federal, state or county personnel. Just citizen volunteers.

Just like Afghanistan and East Palestine, Biden and Democrat politicians and bureaucrats have abandoned the American people.

This fire started out of nowhere and became the fastest in history. Perhaps liberal environmental terrorists started the fire to make the case for “climate change.” Perhaps Hawaii’s liberal government bureaucrats were too obsessed with environmental propaganda to clear the brush. Perhaps Democrat politicians were too obsessed with diversity, equity, social justice and critical race theory training to prepare for disaster.

Heck a new book about the Maui fires was published on August 10th- in the middle of the fires. I’ve written 16 books. That’s not possible. Something smells rotten in Maui. The story is rancid.

I know this: Democrat politicians and bureaucrats in Hawaii, Washington DC and in particular, the Biden administration, are either incompetent beyond anyone’s imagination; or heartless, indifferent bureaucrats; or they hate the American people.

I believe it’s a perfect combination of all three.

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Biden Forgets Maui’s Name while Commenting on Maui Fire

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