May 18, 2024

Pressure Builds on Biden to Freeze $6 Billion in Iranian Cash as Democrat Senators Join Push

Pressure Builds on Biden to Freeze $6B in Iran Cash from Dem Senators

Pressure has been building against the Biden administration from Democrats with calls to freeze the $6 billion that will be released to Iran.

Pressure has been building against the Biden administration from Democrats with calls to freeze the $6 billion that will be released to Iran for a prisoner exchange.

Moderate Democrats Sens. Jon Tester (MT) and Joe Manchin (WV) both said on Tuesday that the funds need to be frozen in the wake of the horrific terrorist attack on Israel at the hands of Hamas, which has been partially linked to the government of Iran.

“As American intelligence officials continue to investigate the terrorist attacks carried out by Hamas, we should review our options to hold Iran accountable for any support they may have provided,” Tester said in a statement. “At a minimum, we should immediately freeze the $6 billion in Iranian assets and explore other financial tools we have at our disposal.”

“Moving forward, we need to ensure our ally Israel can defend itself from these ongoing deadly attacks against its civilians,” he added.

Tester serves as the chairman of the Senate Defense Appropriations Subcommittee.

Manchin said that he has never supported the Biden administration’s deal to give Iran $6 billion in exchange for Americans taken hostage. “I wasn’t supportive of the initial $6B transfer. We should absolutely freeze these Iranian assets while we also consider additional sanctions,” he said

Manchin, the chairman of the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee, further reiterated his support for Israel and called for sanctions on any country linked to Hamas, which conducted a terrorist attack that killed over 1,000 Israelis, most of whom were civilians, in extreme acts of barbarism.

“Any country or government that is found to be supportive of this terrorist organization should have the most severe sanctions imposed upon them immediately to shut down the support of these terroristic, barbaric actions,” he said.

As many as 20 Republican senators have written a letter to President Joe Biden demanding he freeze the funds to Iran that have been held in South Korea.

“The State Department should immediately rescind the waivers that allowed Iranian funds to be converted and moved to more accessible bank accounts, as well as work with U.S. ally Qatar to immediately freeze the accounts containing these funds,” the GOP senators wrote. “We must stand with Israel to restrict access to these Iranian funds.”

The White House said on Tuesday that it has no plans to freeze the funds.

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MSNBC’s shameful coverage of Israel terror attack exposes liberal media’s bankruptcy

MSNBC’s shameful coverage of Israel terror attack exposes liberal media’s bankruptcy

MSNBC folk like Andrea Mitchell and Ali Velshi duck and doge about Hamas terrorism in the Israel war. They’re revealing the larger failure of the equivocating media.

The liberal media continue to run interference for Hamas and its atrocity campaign in Israel. 

Witness MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell asking an Israeli mother of two children taken hostage during Friday’s terror raids, “What are your feelings about the attacks against Gaza right now?”

The lefty host was clearly looking for her guest to echo Mitchell’s own equivocation on the issue. 

But the mother responded, with justifiable anger: “You’re looking for a symmetrical situation. I can’t be sympathetic to animal human beings — well, they’re not really human beings — who came into my house, broke everything, stole everything, took my children from their bedrooms and took them to the Gaza Strip. Israel has never done that, and it will never do. So there is no symmetry!”

Precisely correct: Between Israel and Hamas, there is no symmetry

And there never will be, no matter how hard the US left tries to pretend otherwise. 

On Monday, NewsNation’s Dan Abrams rightly slammed Mitchell’s fellow MSNBCers Ayman Mohyeldin, Mehdi Hasan and Ali Velshi for their claim that the Hamas attacks — planned and perpetrated solely by Hamas’ leadership in concert with Iran — were the result of “failed policies” by the United States and Israel.

“This is not a both-sides story, period,” thundered Abrams. No “failed policies” could “somehow justify or even explain the slaughter, rapes, and kidnapping of innocent civilians.” 


But the false equivalence drawn by MSNBC — which has called Hamas terrorists “militants” or “fighters” hundreds of times since Saturday — is common among legacy outlets. 

Like the New York Times, which unforgivably was referring to Hamas killers as “militants” as late as Monday; the Gray Lady went so far as to briefly use the correct word, “terrorists,” and then stealth-edit it to read “gunmen.”

The BBC, meanwhile, openly refuses to use the t-word, with a veteran reporter arguing that doing so “means you’re taking sides and ceasing to treat the situation with due impartiality.”

Impartiality is impossible in the face of pure savagery. 

And for what it’s worth, there are plenty of recent examples of the BBC using the word descriptively.

CNN? Still using “militant.” As are many other outlets. 

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WAYNE ROOT: The Hamas Terrorist Attack on Israel is Only the Preliminary Bout. America is “the Main Event.” Here are the Details of the Coming Attack on America by China

This is Part 2 of my commentary from 24 hours ago. As an American Jew, I bleed for Israel. Israel must now send a message that echoes around the world and lasts forever in the brains of Jew-haters and all those around the world who want to do harm to the Jewish people…

The world is about to learn a lesson. This isn’t 1941. No one will ever kill Jews again and live to gloat. Anywhere in world…if someone targets Jews and kills them for being Jewish…they will be hunted down and killed.

The last thing they will think before being killed by Israeli forces is “Oops, maybe attacking Jews wasn’t such a good idea.”

But everything I’m talking about is up to Israel. Right now, America needs to focus on America and our border.

Because what America is facing is a thousand times worse than what Israel just experienced.

Military intelligence and security experts analyzing what went wrong with Israel’s massive security failure are citing a “failure of imagination of what Hamas was capable of.” So, it’s time to imagine the kind of attack America is facing.

If I can imagine it, then you know China’s evil leaders are thinking it too. I believe they are planning it right now.

Here is what I believe an attack by China might look like. And I expect it soon…

First, if I was China, I’d invade Taiwan NOW. To take advantage of a world now distracted by two major wars in Ukraine and the Middle East…and plunged into chaos and crisis.

America is weak. America is led by an incompetent, brain-dead, feeble old man with dementia and diapers, who should be in a nursing home.

Worse, the Biden Crime Family (and his boss, the real President Obama) are clearly owned by China and the Chinese Communist Party. So, who is going to stop China from invading Taiwan?

America is running dangerously low on weapons and ammo- because Biden left them on the ground in Afghanistan…and gave most of the rest of our stockpile away to Ukraine. The cupboards are bare. America is weak and vulnerable.

Our military is depleted, demoralized and distracted by a focus on climate change, transgenders, diversity and Critical Race Theory. We can’t recruit anyone who wants to join a military like that.

Old, feeble, confused Biden is frozen with fear and clueless. Maybe he’ll turn for military advice to Kamala Harris, the only person in history who sits a heartbeat away from the presidency, who is dumber than a doorknob.

At this moment in time, we are incapable of mounting a serious challenge to China invading Taiwan.

Unlike Ukraine, Taiwan is not some meaningless country to America. Taiwan makes well over 90% of the advanced computer chips to run America’s cars, computers, cell phones and military equipment. If China takes Taiwan and controls the world’s chip production, it’s game over.

So, taking Taiwan is the key to enslaving America.

But that’s only Part 1 of what I’d be planning for America, if I was running China. Part 2 is even more frightening.

Biden (and his boss Obama) have left the border open. They’ve let millions of dangerous foreigners in. Most of the illegals entering our country are military-age males from China, the Middle East, and MS-13 thugs and gangbangers under the control of the Mexican Drug Cartels. This is an army of killers now roaming around our country.

If I was China, I’d order this army into action- to paralyze America with low-tech violence and terrorism- just like the Hamas terror attack in Israel.

There’s no need for another 9-11.

If I was China, I’d send “hit squads” of 100 killers to airports, train stations and supermarkets in twenty major U.S. cities at the exact same time- to walk in with assault rifles, machine guns and grenades. Think of the fear and hysteria from seeing thousands of murdered Americans in twenty different cities across the USA. All at the same time.

All that takes is 100 killers times twenty. That’s only an army of 2,000 killers needed. China has sent tens of thousands of military-age males across our open border. Biden, Kamala and Mayorkas have welcomed them in like family- with no background checks.

There’s already a large enough Chinese army in our country for many rounds of the low-tech terror attack I just dreamed up. They could do it thirty days in a row. To the same twenty cities. Or choose a new set of twenty cities every day. They could expand to suburbs and small towns.

Our economy would shut down. The stock market would collapse. There would be no travel, or tourism. No one would dare go to a supermarket. All schools would be shuttered. We’d all be locked in our homes. America would quickly become a ghost town.

All from an easy low-tech attack. And this Chinese army is already in our country. Biden (and his boss Obama) welcomed them in. Millions more are coming.

Those Chinese military-age males are separate from millions of other illegals in our country set to do us harm with murder and mayhem. And who knows how many military-age Hamas, Hezbollah, and Syrian terrorists are now in the country. Will they join in on the slaughter? Or just turn our cities into war zones? Get ready for “Mad Max.”

For good measure, if I was China, at this exact same moment, I’d send another pandemic our way. Keep in mind, China has had three years to make it much more deadly than Covid.

In the middle of all of that, do you think we could mount a serious military effort to defend Taiwan? And fight WW3 with China, Russia, Iran and North Korea? Good luck.

Stay frosty. It’s coming. Trust me, if I can imagine it, China is planning it right now.

Thank Joe Biden (and his boss, Obama).

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