May 22, 2024

Chinese Bitcoin mine in Wyoming sparks security fears over proximity to nuclear missile base and Microsoft data center

As defense experts warn of threat to power grid from similar operations across the US

Chinese bitcoin mine in Wyoming sparks security fears

In an August 2022 report to the Committee on Foreign Investment, Microsoft warned the mine could allow the Chinese to ‘pursue full-spectrum intelligence collection operations.’

  • Newly constructed Bitcoin mine in Cheyenne is drawing security concerns
  • Microsoft flagged the site in a report to Congressional committee last summer
  • Chinese owned or operated mines have operations in at least 12 US states 

A China-linked Bitcoin mine in Wyoming is drawing security concerns due to its close proximity to a Microsoft data center and an Air Force base that controls nuclear missiles.

In a confidential August 2022 report to the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States, Microsoft warned that the mine could allow the Chinese to ‘pursue full-spectrum intelligence collection operations,’ the New York Times reported on Friday.

The Bitcoin operation, which has an opaque web of ownership but is linked to at least one Chinese company, is directly across the street from a secure Microsoft data center that supports the Pentagon, and about a mile away from F.E. Warren Air Force Base, home to the 90th Missile Wing. 

Since China‘s ban on Bitcoin mines in 2021, Chinese companies have increasingly looked to the US as a base for the operations, which use buildings full of powerful computers to earn tokens for processing cryptocurrency transactions.

While many mines may simply be moneymaking ventures, their vast computing power and huge energy requirements are raising concerns with defense experts that they could be used for spying, or a coordinated disruption of the electrical grid. 

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Alex Marlow on ‘Breaking Biden’: The Evidence Shows Joe Biden Doesn’t Care About National Security

Exclusive-Alex Marlow on ‘Breaking Biden’: The Evidence Shows Joe Biden Doesn’t Care About National Security

“Breaking Biden” provides example after example of a simple truth: Joe Biden has no interest in-or vision for -protecting the citizens of our country.

“Folks are tired of being taken advantage of and played for suckers,” Joe Biden said during remarks in the White House Rose Garden last Wednesday.

“Unfair fees known as junk fees – those hidden charges that companies sneak into your bill to make you pay more because they can. Simply because they can. Charges that are taking real money out of the pockets of American families,” the president said, as if speaking to an audience of suckers.

Yes, with Islamic terrorism dominating the front pages around the world, and with Americans literally being held hostage by Hamas at that exact moment, Joe Biden set his mind to vanquishing the evil that is “junk fees.”

While no one likes “junk fees,” this is just the latest reminder that Joe Biden does not prioritize keeping Americans safe. Then again, what do we expect from a president who believes that “the only existential threat” we face is “global warming”?

National security is Joe Biden’s oldest and biggest blind spot. He is a foreign affairs dynamo in his own mind, a world class diplomat. But his record shows that he is the exact opposite. I thoroughly document his numerous failings in my new New York Times bestselling book Breaking Biden. Example after example illustrates a simple truth: Joe Biden has no interest in — or vision for — protecting the citizens of our country.

Even the Democratic establishment knows this. Former Defense Secretary Robert Gates said in 2014 that “[Biden] has been wrong on nearly every major foreign policy and national security issue over the past four decades.” However, the Obama administration still saw fit to put Biden in charge of Ukraine and China. Adding those countries to Biden’s portfolio did not benefit any Americans – aside from the ones with the last name Biden. The Biden family cut lucrative deals in each country, and you’ll find all the details extensively footnoted in Breaking Biden.

Cash for Terrorists

The Obama/Biden administration also airlifted Iranians $400 million in cash, delivered on a pallet, as part of a $1.7 billion payment.

Who sends pallets of cash to people who want the United States (and Israel) wiped off the map? Barack Obama and Joe Biden, apparently.

They funded the funders of terrorism with your taxpayer dollars in the most humiliating way possible.

Sadly, Joe has continued this legacy since ascending to the Oval Office.

He has tried to revive the Iran nuclear deal, which allowed Iran to make progress toward becoming a nuclear power. Since Biden has been president, the U.N. nuclear watchdog found that Iran has enriched uranium to near weapons-grade.

Empowering Putin

Not only did the revival of the Iran nuclear deal empower and embolden the evil Iranian regime—which has its fingerprints all over the latest round of brutal terror that saw innocent children murdered in their homes—Russia is a key partner in the deal.

Vladimir Putin was already the American left’s most hated international villain before the Ukraine invasion. But Biden’s renewed interest in an Iran deal will actually strengthening Putin’s geopolitical position. The media and political establishment have been deafeningly silent on the subject, which is not only next-level hypocrisy, but also a national disgrace.

Biden has also strengthened Putin by embracing policies that seek to cripple the American energy sector. Hostility to harvesting our own abundant national resources not only causes energy costs to go through the roof, it also benefits other hostile energy producing nations like Russia and Venezuela. They can use the windfall profits from rising energy prices to fund whatever they please. Like, for example, an invasion of a neighboring country.

While he has enriched our enemies, Biden has also alienated key allies like Saudi Arabia and Israel. This week, he is acting like a steadfast partner to Israel. It’s a welcome reversal, but it comes long after he had earned a reputation as being “the most hostile President toward Israel,” according to the Zionist Organization of America.

Liberating Jihadis, Emboldening Extremists

The instance where Joe most strongly asserted himself against the advice of his inner circle was his disastrous Afghanistan withdrawal. We’re still paying the price for that decision; Iran only began planning the recent attacks on Israel after the U.S. departed from the region, leaving more than $7 billion of U.S. equipment in the hands of a regime that sponsors terrorism.

As I detail in Breaking Biden, allies knew the withdrawal would be a victory for global jihad. The United Kingdom’s Chief of the Defense Staff General Nick Carter said in 2021 (emphasis mine), “Withdrawal under these circumstances would be perceived as a strategic victory for the Taliban, which would weaken the Alliance and embolden extremists the world over.”

Rory Stewart, a former British cabinet minister, said that the failed withdrawal demonstrated the West’s “impotence.”

These words are much more haunting now after Hamas’s attack on Israelis.

Upon America’s withdrawal from Afghanistan, thousands of prisoners who were detained at Bagram Air Base were freed. These weren’t petty criminals; there were heavy hitters from the Taliban, al-Qaeda, and the Islamic State (ISIS). Those three organizations all became stronger thanks to Joe Biden’s policies.

Giving China Another Win

Adding insult to injury, Russia and China got to savor watching their primary geopolitical foe suffer a humiliation on the world stage Chinese Communist Party (CCP) state media immediately declared that China was the real winner of the Afghanistan debacle.

China shares a small section of border with Afghanistan and saw America’s pullout as a business opportunity. Naturally, this excited the Taliban as well, which accepted Beijing’s offer to help “rebuild” Afghanistan.

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