June 21, 2024

Now HILLARY Clinton is named in Epstein papers, as Virginia Roberts-Giuffre’s lawyers suggest her and Bill’s foundation may have bankrolled Ghislaine Maxwell

Now HILLARY named in Epstein doc: lawyers suggest charity paid Maxwell

Hillary Clinton was named in a 2016 court document made public on Friday, with lawyers for Virginia Roberts-Giuffre seeking to obtain communications from Hillary Clinton and others.

  • A newly-unsealed document published on Friday mentioned Hillary Clinton for the first time, in a brief technical note 
  • In a 2016 document filed by Maxwell’s attorneys, Hillary Clinton appears in a single line concerning Giuffre’s request for ‘all communications’ with 13 people
  • In another document lawyers implied that Maxwell was financed in part by the Clinton Foundation: Maxwell refused to answer 

Hillary Clinton’s name has appeared in court documents relating to Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell for the first time, with a newly-published tranche requesting ‘all communications’ from her and 12 other people.

The former Secretary of State’s surprise entrance on the Epstein stage – her husband has been mentioned multiple times, and was known to associate with the late pedophile financier for several years – came as lawyers asked whether the Clinton Foundation was bankrolling Maxwell.

Maxwell, the only person convicted for her role in Epstein’s sex trafficking network, refused to answer.

Hillary Clinton was not known to be close to either Maxwell or Epstein.

Her name comes up in a 2016 document filed by Maxwell’s attorneys, relating to Virginia Roberts-Giuffre – an Epstein victim, who sued Maxwell for defamation in 2016.

Hillary Clinton’s name is mentioned in a single line concerning Roberts-Giuffre’s request for ‘all communications with thirteen specific witnesses,’ according to Newsweek.

She does not feature anywhere else in the documents that have been released as of Friday.

Another document shows Roberts-Giuffre trying to assess how much Maxwell is worth, as part of the defamation case.

Roberts-Giuffre’s legal team accuse Maxwell of refusing to release her financial records, and imply that she wanted to hide the source of her wealth.

‘For example, Defendant has refused to comply with a discovery request seeking information about her connection to the Clinton Foundation, claiming that such a request is ‘obviously intended to harass and embarrass’ her,’ the court documents state.

‘Nothing could be further from the truth.’

Roberts-Giuffre’s lawyers say that Maxwell intends to claim that she lied about meeting Bill Clinton.

They suggest that Maxwell could be trying to protect Bill Clinton, because his foundation supports Maxwell financially.

‘It is Defendant who intends to argue at trial that Ms. Giuffre has made inaccurate statements about various interactions with former-President Bill Clinton,’ said Roberts-Giuffre’s legal team.

‘Of course, if Defendant (or any of her organizations) is receiving funding from the Clinton Foundation, that would provide a clear motive for her to slant testimony on this subject.

‘Ms. Giuffre is entitled to explore this clear possibility of bias by obtaining information of the financial connections between Defendant and the Clinton Foundation.’

There has never been any evidence that the Clinton Foundation was financing Maxwell, or any other private individuals.

Neither Bill nor Hillary Clinton are accused of any wrongdoing in connection to Maxwell and Epstein. 

Bill Clinton travelled on Epstein’s private jet four times, and said the flights were in relation to his work with the Clinton Foundation.

The former president, now 77, has long insisted that his connections to Epstein were on a professional basis

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Bill Gates’ Super Cringe Answer When Confronted About Ties to Jeffrey Epstein: ‘Well, He’s Dead, So…’

Bill Gates has admitted that it was a “huge mistake” to have ties with Jeffrey Epstein. Weeks after the extent of those ties became public, the Microsoft founder does not have many answers for inquiring minds — many convincing answers, at least.

Bill Gates on vaccine equity, boosters, climate, his foundation and Epstein meetings

With world leaders visiting New York this week for the United Nations General Assembly, Microsoft co-founder and philanthropist Bill Gates is calling on the world’s richest nations to take what he says are urgent steps needed to end “the crisis phase of this pandemic.”

In a Tuesday interview with Judy Woodruff on PBS, Gates appeared to be caught off-guard by a series of questions relating to Epstein.

“You had a number of meetings with Jeffrey Epstein, who — when you met him 10 years ago — he was convicted of soliciting prostitution from minors,” Woodruff said. “What did you know about him when you were meeting with him, as you’ve said yourself, in the hopes of raising money?”

“You know, I had dinners with him,” Gates said. “I regret doing that. He had relationships with people he said would give to global health, which is an interest I have. Not nearly enough philanthropy goes in that direction. Those meetings were a mistake.Tthey didn’t result in what he purported, and I cut them off.

“You know, that goes back a long time ago now. So there’s nothing new on that.”

Woodruff pressed.

“It was reported that you continued to meet with him over several years, and [there were] a number of meetings,” Woodruff said. “What did you do when you found out about his background?”

Gates stonewalled — evading the question entirely.

“I said I regretted having those dinners, and there’s nothing, absolutely nothing new on that,” he said.

The PBS anchor tried one more time.

“Is there a lesson for you, for anyone else looking at this?” Woodruff asked.

The Microsoft founder’s cringeworthy answer was equal parts curt, awkward, and evasive.

“Well, he’s dead, so … You know, in general, you always have to be careful. And you know, I’m very proud of what we’ve done, very proud of the work of the foundation. That’s what I get up every day and focus on.”

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