April 22, 2024

A 6′ tall, bearded trans basketballer arrogantly slams a young girl to the ground…. she collapses in agony. RILEY GAINES hits back: We used to call this domestic abuse – so why are we now calling it ‘sport’?


RILEY GAINES: When did domestic abuse of women become ‘sport’?

The irony is, for all the readiness to demonstrate their oh-so-feminist credentials, the Left is blind to the lunacy of emboldening males to physically and psychologically attack us…

We used to have a name for violence against women and girls.

When men punched, pushed or slapped us, that was ‘domestic abuse’, ‘assault’.

Now it has a different name – ‘sport’.

The latest exhausting headline: a girls basketball game at a Massachusetts high school had to be abandoned earlier this month after three female players were injured at the hands of a trans student.

Footage of the incident at the Collegiate Charter School of Lowell is shocking.

We see one girl hurled to the ground by a six-foot male, sporting facial hair.

The male wrenches the ball from her hands. The girl – barely reaching the male’s shoulder height – is slammed down.

She tries to sit up repeatedly but collapses each time, holding her lower back in agony.

Other girls run over to comfort her but the male player simply turns away, nonchalantly shooting the ball through the net with one hand, catching it with the other.

It’s a perfect picture of arrogance and disdain.

But it’s also a snapshot of a deep-rooted and unmistakable contempt for women that I believe drives the trans lobby’s ceaseless tirade against us and our spaces.

I have to applaud the school’s basketball coach, Kevin Ortins, who called a halt to the game. Though I’m not sure he had much of a choice, considering there weren’t many un-injured girls left on the bench.

The school issued a statement afterwards, saying that their players ‘feared getting injured and not being able to compete in the upcoming playoffs’.

Notably, there was not one mention of the trans-identifying male player – just that three girls had ‘[gone] down’ in the first half of the game.

How pathetic.

As long as sporting authorities lie down in the face of trans madness and encourage males to invade female spaces with impunity, incidents like this are only going to increase in frequency and severity.

Women are constantly told that we have to ‘accept’ trans-identifying males into our teams, and into our changing rooms. That to speak up makes us hateful bigots. That these athletes come in the name of compassion, kindness and inclusivity.

But can you honestly tell me that you see any of those positive virtues in that video? All I see is masculine aggression and entitlement.

It is not ‘compassionate’ to ask a young girl to undress in front males in a locker room. To allow those men to expose themselves in front of minors.

Nor is it ‘kind’ to allow girls to be bullied and battered by those who – let’s be honest – were mediocre at best when competing in the men’s category, and now want a chance to take all the medals.

Asking girls to smile and step aside, so that a women’s podium can be filled with men is not ‘inclusive’.

We have reached this farcical point where I have to spell out black from white until I’m blue in the face because a rabid trans-rights lobby tells us daily that if we don’t listen to their nonsensical demands then children will kill themselves and blood is on our hands.

Adopting the mantle of victimhood, it seems, is a free pass to commit violence against women and infringe upon our First Amendment rights without accountability or responsibility.

In fact, they’re practically cheered along.

The radical Left have made the likes of Lia Thomas – who I swam against – their chief banner bearers.

But the great irony is that, for all the readiness to demonstrate their oh-so-feminist credentials, they’re blind to the lunacy of helping males steal women’s opportunities, emboldening them to physically and psychologically attack us.

Make no mistake: they are not being ‘brave’. They are not being ‘their true selves’. These athletes are just abusive, narcissistic misogynists.

But this isn’t a battle we can fight alone.

When men felt threatened by a trans influencer, Dylan Mulvaney, promoting their favorite Bud Light beer, they responded with a boycott.

Where are those men now?

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Riley Gaines on Twitter: “This story is the epitome of all the concerns to be had with allowing men into women’s sports/spaces. When will enough be enough?Parents, be a hero & stand up for your daughters. https://t.co/dudnXlgwP6 / Twitter”

This story is the epitome of all the concerns to be had with allowing men into women’s sports/spaces. When will enough be enough?Parents, be a hero & stand up for your daughters. https://t.co/dudnXlgwP6

David Hookstead on Twitter: “ESPN celebrated Women’s History Month by promoting a special about transgender swimmer Lia Thomas……a biological male who destroyed real women in the pool. pic.twitter.com/gVLa0rz2NN / Twitter”

ESPN celebrated Women’s History Month by promoting a special about transgender swimmer Lia Thomas……a biological male who destroyed real women in the pool. pic.twitter.com/gVLa0rz2NN

Congress Is Too Busy Bankrolling Ukraine To Stop The VA From Processing Illegals’ Health Care Costs

Congress Funds Ukraine While The VA Processes Illegals’ Health Care Costs

If only members of Congress bothered to fight for America’s veterans as much as they did funding Ukraine’s forever war.

Members of Congress love to profess their alleged support for America’s military veterans. But if that’s true, why are they ignoring the agency tasked with caring for veterans’ medical needs, steering its resources towards illegal aliens?

Throughout the past several months, controversy has engulfed the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) over its processing of health care claims for illegal aliens. At issue is a contract between Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and the VA’s Financial Service Center (VA-FSC), dating back to 2002, that authorizes the latter to “process reimbursement claims from providers for health care costs of illegal aliens in ICE custody.”

While illegals in ICE custody are “typically treated onsite by medical professionals,” agency officials are permitted to take them to an “independent private provider” if a “specialist or emergency care” is deemed necessary, according to Fox News. It’s these types of cases in which ICE “contracts” with the VA-FCS “to process reimbursements to those providers.”

“According to a report from July, ICE has hundreds of letters of understanding in which ICE’s Health Service Corps (IHSC) will reimburse providers at Medicare rates,” the report reads. “That uses the VA-FSC’s Healthcare Claims Processing System, which is a portal that allows providers to submit and view claims and access other resources.”

ICE ultimately reimburses the VA for its services.

The policy has generated backlash among Republican lawmakers such as Alabama Sen. Tommy Tuberville, who recently blasted the Biden administration for prioritizing illegal immigrants over the well-being of American veterans. Amid the onslaught of criticisms, VA Press Secretary Terrence Hayes has denied allegations that the agency is “provid[ing] or fund[ing] any health care to ICE detainees.” He’s also downplayed how many resources the VA uses while fulfilling the policy.

Tuberville’s office has since accused the agency of “playing word games” and “using Community Care Network providers for illegals.” The term “community care” is in reference to non-VA health care practitioners who provide medical services to veterans. Access to these programs was expanded under the VA MISSION Act, which was signed into law by former President Trump in June 2018.

Writing for The Washington Times, Mark Mostert, a senior researcher at Able Americans, noted that it is “inaccurate” for the VA to claim it “does not devote significant resources and energy to processing of medical claims via ICE” and highlighted how the VA-FSC “processed 161,538 ICE claims totaling $94.3 million in 2022 [alone].” He also observed the backlog in veteran benefits claims, noting how cases more than doubled between 2022 (150,000) and 2023 (417,181).

“When all is said and done, this issue demonstrates that while the VA does not pay for medical care for illegals, considerable effort, resources and money are spent to process illegal alien medical claims within the VA,” Mostert wrote. “Any resource-siphoning from the true focus of the VA — military veterans who have served their country — should be urgently reconsidered.”

In December, Tuberville and GOP Rep. Mike Bost of Illinois introduced the “No VA Resources for Illegal Aliens Act” to prohibit the VA secretary from “providing health care to, or engaging in claims processing for health care for, any individual unlawfully present in the United States who is not eligible for health care under the laws administered by the Secretary.” Neither the House nor Senate has voted on the legislation since its introduction.

Congress Has Bigger Fish to Fry

While the Biden-manufactured border invasion has continued to wreak havoc on the VA and other public services, Congress has spent the past several weeks focusing on what few outside of Washington, D.C. care about — providing billions of U.S. taxpayer dollars to Ukraine.

After their sham “border” bill fell apart, Senate Democrat and Republican leadership dropped their feigned concern about the U.S. border crisis and quickly rammed through a $95 billion foreign aid package, most of which is earmarked for Kyiv. The measure received the backing of 22 Senate Republicans, whose support pushed it over the finish line.

While House Speaker Mike Johnson has declined to bring the package to the floor for a vote, America Last-ers in both parties are orchestrating a pressure campaign to bully the Louisiana Republican into permitting such a vote. Establishment Republicans are even reportedly considering a “discharge petition” to force the House to vote on the measure.

The levels to which Congress will go to force through an almost $100 billion foreign aid package to fund Ukraine’s forever war is a spectacle to behold. If only its members bothered to fight as hard for the veterans who fought for America’s freedom.

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