April 21, 2024

Hunter Biden, partners aided Chinese bid to corner nuclear energy market with U.S. tech, memos show

Detailed plan obtained by congressional investigators show Biden sought to help CEFC China Energy buy Westinghouse, the premier maker of U.S. nuclear reactors

Hunter Biden, partners aided Chinese bid to corner nuclear energy market with U.S. tech, memos show

Detailed plan obtained by congressional investigators show Biden sought to help CEFC China Energy buy Westinghouse, the premier maker of U.S. nuclear reactors.

While his father was still vice president, Hunter Biden and his business partners tried unsuccessfully to help a Chinese energy firm acquire one of the United States’ premier nuclear technology companies in a secret attempt to “control” the global market, according to new evidence turned over to Congress in President Joe Biden’s impeachment inquiry.

The evidence, which includes a detailed strategy memo, shows Hunter Biden was directly involved in emails and correspondence on the project in 2016 and that the goal was to exploit the future first son’s access to power and his family reputation to make Washington and Beijing comfortable with a potentially controversial deal and then to shield the acquisition of Westinghouse by China CEFC Energy behind intermediaries.

“In summary, utilising (sic) the U.S. face of Westinghouse, combined with the economic power of CEFC (China) is the perfect solution to control this global sector,” Hunter Biden partner James Gilliar wrote to CEFC in a strategy memo.

At the time, Westinghouse was U.S.-based but owned by Japan’s Toshiba and one of the darlings of the nuclear industry with its new AP1000 reactor, a smaller and more advanced power generator. But it privately was suffering financial strife due to cost delays and overruns at a planned nuclear power plant in Georgia that would eventually force the company to file for temporary bankruptcy protection.

Congressional investigators recently obtained new memos and testimony about the nature of the plan to help CEFC gain a larger foothold in the global nuclear energy market by acquiring Westinghouse. One of Hunter Biden’s former business partners, Rob Walker, told Congress the future first son was involved, providing a letter to make the Chinese comfortable with the plan.

Hunter Biden “had an interesting last name that would probably get people in the door,” Walker explained to lawmakers.

Hunter Biden’s association with CEFC dating to late 2015 has been well-known for years, including emails suggesting his father might get a 10% stake in the firm and testimony that Joe Biden met with the chairman of the Chinese company in early 2017 before nearly $8 million in money flowed from CEFC to companies tied to the Biden family.

But most of the evidence in public to date has focused on efforts by Hunter Biden and partners to help CEFC gain access to oil and gas assets and technology in the United States, including a liquid natural gas project in Louisiana known as Monkey Island.

The fact that Hunter Biden and his team were also working to affect a transfer of one of America’s premier nuclear energy tech companies to China has only recently come into clearer focus for investigators.

Lawmakers told Just the News that the story of CEFC fits a pattern that Hunter Biden was willing to take money from countries or companies adversarial to the United States, including helping them try to acquire prize assets like the Michigan-based Heninges firm that Just the News reported Hunter Biden helped sell to a Chinese firm tied to the People’s Liberation Army.

That transaction was deemed so sensitive – because Heninges produced windshield technology for U.S. fighter jets – it had to get special approval from the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States during the Obama-Biden years.

“The Biden family was all about money,” Rep. Andy Biggs, R-Ariz., told the “John Solomon Reports” podcast. “There was no sense of of honor or no sense of protection to the country. It was protect the brand, which was the Biden name. Joe Biden.

He added: “I don’t know if I’ve ever seen grifters more than the Biden family.”

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Hunter Biden witness may be self-serving but his China cover-up info is accurate

Hunter Biden witness may be self-serving but his China cover-up info is accurate

Fugitive Gal Luft, the “missing witness” from the Biden corruption investigation, has made fresh allegations about the president’s family’s China connections in an exclusive expose obtained by The Post.

Fugitive Gal Luft, the “missing witness” from the Biden corruption investigation, has made fresh allegations about the president’s family’s China connections in an exclusive 50-page expose obtained by The Post.

The former Israel Defense Force lieutenant colonel, who worked with the same Chinese energy company, CEFC, that paid Hunter and Jim Biden more than $8 million, skipped bail in Cyprus last year after being charged with attempted gun-running, acting as a foreign agent for China and lying to the FBI.

While his attacks on federal prosecutors clearly are self-serving, his disclosures so far have proven accurate, and his ongoing conversations with former employees of CEFC while on the run have produced new information about how influential Americans on both sides of the aisle in Washington were recruited to serve China’s imperialist Belt and Road Initiative.

Hunter Biden, “the true sheikh of Washington,” as one of his partners dubbed him, wasn’t the only VIP cultivated by CEFC’s enigmatic billionaire chairman Ye Jianming, who sprinkled expensive diamonds around Washington like candy.

An energy expert with deep intelligence ties in Washington and Beijing, Luft claims, “three former national security advisors, a former CIA Director, a former NSA Director, a former Chairman of the Fed, former cabinet secretaries, former senators, retired generals, CEOs [acted as] CEFC’s enablers in Washington [and] were willing to go to great lengths to enrich themselves by parking under Ye’s gown.”

Chairman Ye, Hunter’s most lucrative Chinese business partner, has not been seen since he was arrested for “economic crimes” in China in early 2018, on the direct orders of President Xi Jinping, according to Chinese news agency Caixin.

The mystery is why he wasn’t arrested before he left the U.S.

Luft says that Ye was tipped off by an FBI mole that CEFC was under investigation. He reveals that Ye believed he was being followed by the FBI in the winter of 2017 whenever he left his $50 million Upper West Side penthouse, including through Central Park, after his deputy, Patrick Ho, was arrested on bribery charges at JFK airport.

Although prosecutors from the Southern District of New York produced evidence during Ho’s trial that Ye was the mastermind of the scheme to bribe African leaders at the UN, they never charged the CEFC chairman. He was allowed to roam free around Manhattan for weeks after Ho’s arrest.

The FBI did try to stop Ye leaving the country from a New Jersey airport just before Christmas 2017 on his $60 million private jet, an A319 Airbus with tail number “VP-CIA”. But Ye’s high-powered lawyers from Skadden, Arps intervened, successfully arguing that “there was no arrest warrant against him and thus no grounds for his detention,” claims Luft. 

In March, 2019, one month before Joe Biden announced he was running for president, and nine months before the FBI took possession of his wayward son’s abandoned laptop, Luft went to the DOJ and told them about the millions of dollars CEFC was paying Hunter and his uncle Jim Biden. 

He told them Joe had attended a meeting with Hunter and CEFC executives at a Four Seasons hotel in Washington, DC, at around the time that Hunter received a “multimillion dollar payment” from CEFC. 

The Four Seasons meeting with Joe in February 2017 was confirmed by Hunter’s former business partner Rob Walker in a 2020 interview with the FBI and again in congressional testimony this year. 

Luft also warned the FBI in Brussels that it had a mole in its midst who had tipped off CEFC executives that they were under investigation.

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