May 23, 2024

Israel strikes back at Iran:

Explosions rock airbase in city linked to Tehran’s nuke program but US denies nuclear facilities were targeted after Netanyahu launched attack in defiance of Biden

Israel ‘strikes Iran’ as explosions rock hostile state

Israel has conducted airstrikes on a target in Iran, US officials say.

  • Strikes hit the city of Isfahan at 5am local time. Officials say they do not believe the city’s nuclear facilities were struck 
  • Military targets in Iraq and Syria were also reportedly destroyed simultaneously
  • It comes after President Biden warned Israel not to plunge the Middle East further into crisis 

Israel has conducted strikes on a target in Iran, defying President Joe Biden‘s warnings over plunging the Middle East further into conflict. 

US officials confirmed strikes hit a site in Iran, however it is unclear what exact target was hit or the extent of the damage. 

Officials say the city of Isfahan in central Iran was struck at 5am local time. The city hosts one of Iran’s nuclear facilities, although US military sources reportedly said the target was not believed to be nuclear. 

Iranian news outlet FARS reported that the strikes were located ‘near Isfahan Airport and the eighth hunting base of the Army Air Force.’ 

IRNA, the Iranian state news outlet, said the nation’s air defense systems had been activated, but ‘so far, no large-scale strikes or explosions by any air threat have been reported.’  

No official comment has been released by either Israel, Iran or the US.  

It comes in response to Iran launching a barrage of hundreds of drones and rockets at Israel on Saturday, which was largely thwarted by Israel and its international allies. Isfahan was one of several launch sites used in the attack. 

Biden had warned Israel not to retaliate to Saturday’s strikes and urged Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to ‘take the win’ of the foiled Iranian attack. 

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