May 22, 2024

Israel sees 14 COVID ‘breakthroughs’ from 1 week of Pfizer ‘booster’ shots

Fourteen Israelis who received a third “booster” dose of Pfizer’s shot against the pandemic coronavirus have tested positive for COVID-19 infection within one week of the third shot, Israeli news is reporting.

Just days after a national launch of third shots to boost the rapidly fading protection of the first two doses of Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine, so-called “breakthrough” infections are continuing to occur among those who have received the top-ups.

Eleven of the fourteen COVID-positive, thrice-vaccinated patients are over the age of 60 and two of them have been hospitalized, the Times of Israel reported Sunday. The remaining three patients were immunocompromised, according to data from the Internal Health Ministry originally reported by Israel’s Channel 12 News.

Covid cases, hospitalizations, and deaths are soaring in the country which has led the world in vaccinating the majority of its population, including more than 90 percent of its elderly citizens.

While public health agencies and the media have highlighted that seriously ill patients are mostly unvaccinated, most of the new case deluge is among the doubly vaccinated elderly – those who received two doses of vaccine more than two weeks ago.

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