May 18, 2024

Amazon grinds to a halt – and takes huge swathes of the internet with it! Alexa, Ring, Disney+, Tinder, Venmo, DoorDash and Prime Video all crash in Cloud server outage

Amazon Ring users online are fuming as they lost access to home monitoring services during the company’s major outage


Amazon and all of its services have crashed across the globe, leaving delivery trucks sitting idle with drivers unable to access their routes and knocking out popular websites and banking apps that rely on the company’s cloud servers and affecting thousands of customers. 

The platform, Amazon Music and Prime video, Alexa, Ring and Amazon Web Services, which offers a series of services for online applications, all started experiencing problems at 10:40AM ET.

By 2pm, three delivery service partners said that an Amazon app used to communicate with delivery drivers is down. This has left vans that were supposed to deliver packages sitting idle with no communication from the company, according to Bloomberg. It’s not clear how many drivers the outage has affected.

Warehouse workers reported that entire Amazon facilities have been temporarily shuttered because of the outages and posted photos on Reddit showing what appear to be automated shelves sitting idle, according to The Verge 

Amazon employees have reported system outages in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Florida, Illinois, Texas, Georgia, Kansas, Indiana, Michigan, Arizona and other states.  

The owners of two Amazon delivery companies in Minnesota and Florida confirmed to Vice’s Motherboard that their drivers have been unable to log into the Flex app, which they use to communicate with Amazon. 

‘AWS servers are down, and only about 50 per cent of my people can deliver. Most cannot log in,’ one owner said, warning that the outages would cause major delivery delays.   

The outage comes during the company’s critical holiday shopping season and could potentially create lasting log-jams at a time when there is already a critical crunch on the supply chain.

Amazon officials earlier stated they have identified the ‘root cause’ of the problem and were working to fix it. 

Amazon said the outage was likely due to issues related to application programming interface (API), which is a set of protocols for building and integrating application software.

‘We are experiencing API and console issues in the US-EAST-1 Region,’ Amazon said in a report on its service health dashboard.

In a later update, the company reported that it was ‘starting to see some signs of recovery’ but could not say when the service will be fully restored. 

‘We do not have an ETA for full recovery at this time,’ Amazon stated.

The Amazon Web Services outage is far worse than the others because it provides cloud computing services to individuals, universities, governments and companies around the world.

The outage has impacted a wide variety of service providers worldwide, among them iRobot, Chime, CashApp, CapitalOne, GoDaddy, the Associated Press, Instacart Kindle and Roku. Some users also reported issues with Disney+, but the app appeared to be back online just before 1pm in New York. 

Ring said it was aware of the issue and working to resolve it. ‘A major Amazon Web Services (AWS) outage is currently impacting our iRobot Home App,’ iRobot said on its website. 

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Furious customers blast Amazon as an outage knocks Ring doorbells, baby monitors, and Alexa products offline


  • Amazon Ring users on social media are furious they cannot access home monitoring services.
  • Amazon’s AWS cloud servers were down for most of the day Tuesday as the company investigated an outage.
  • “How the hell are we supposed to disarm our alarms. Or monitor anything at all,” one user tweeted.

Amazon Ring users online are fuming as they lost access to home monitoring services during the company’s major outage. 

Amazon’s web-hosting subsidiary, Amazon Web Services, suffered a major outage on Tuesday, impacting a number of services that rely on the company’s servers.

The outage extended to popular Amazon services, like the Ring smart home system and Alexa speakers. 

“Can’t listen to Amazon Music. My Ring Doorbell doesn’t work. Can’t control my lights with Alexa,” one user tweeted

Ring users said issues with the home monitoring service has resulted in the inability to disable alarms, monitor children, and watch out for intruders. 

“I’m unable to access any of my cameras, is there a nationwide outage? I’m literally relying on my cameras to keep me safe because I’m on bed rest,” one user said in a tweet.

“How the hell are we supposed to disarm our alarms. Or monitor anything at all,”

The outage began around 11:30 a.m. ET. As of about 2 p.m. ET, Amazon said its technical teams identified the root cause of the outage and are working on a solution, according to its website. Amazon added some services have began experiencing partial recovery.

“Most pathetic service,” on Twitter user said. “How can a doorbell or a security camera be down for several hours, and still no signs of resumption!”

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