May 18, 2024

Tucker Carlson shares new January 6 footage showing Capitol cops escorting ‘QAnon Shaman’ to Senate floor

Trespassers filmed walking through Congress ‘respectfully’

Tucker Carlson shares new January 6 footage

Fox News host Tucker Carlson on Monday night began airing previously-unseen footage from the January 6 riot, which he said showed those storming the Capitol were ‘orderly and meek’.

  • The Fox News host has been given more than 40,000 hours of January 6 surveillance footage by Kevin McCarthy
  • Carlson on Monday night began broadcasting clips, highlighting in particular the movements of ‘QAnon Shaman’ and officer Brian Sicknick, who later died
  • Carlson said the footage showed ‘Shaman’ Jacob Chansley being ‘escorted’ through the Capitol and claimed Sicknick was ‘healthy and vigorous’

Tucker Carlson unveiled new footage from the January 6 riots which he claims casts a new light on the 2021 unrest at the US Capitol. 

In footage screened on his show Monday night, so-called QAnon Shaman Jacob Chansley was apparently seen being escorted into the Senate by Capitol police officers.

Carlson suggested that challenged the prevailing narrative that Chansley – jailed for four years over the incident – aggressively barged into the chamber. 

Also broadcast was footage of Captiol cop Brian Sicknick, who died shortly after the riot.

It was originally suggested Sicknick’s death came as the result of being attacked with a fire extinguisher by rioters.

But a medical examiner later ruled he’d died of natural causes. And Carlson shared footage of Sicknick walking around the Capitol after the attack.

He appeared in good health, which the Fox News host said poured cold water on liberal outlets’ insistence that the Capitol rioters had Sicknick’s blood on their hands. 

He also referenced Ray Epps, who was seen among the rioters urging them to storm the Capitol, yet was never charged – giving rise to suspicion that Epps was in fact an informant. Epps has denied working for the government.

On Monday, Carlson suggested Epps was lying.  

‘They were orderly and meek,’ said Carlson of those who stormed the Capitol. ‘These were not insurrectionists; they were sightseers.’

Carlson said they ‘obviously revere the Capitol’, noting they took selfies and ‘queue up in neat little lines’.

‘Deadly insurrection. Everything about that phrase is a lie,’ he said.

‘Very little about January 6 was organized or violent.

‘Surveillance video from inside the Capitol shows mostly peaceful chaos.’

Carlson pointed to footage showing the ‘QAnon Shaman’ – a bare-chested, Viking helmet-wearing Jacob Chansley – inside the Capitol.

Chansley, a 33-year-old naval veteran from Arizona, was one of the most high-profile figures to enter the Capitol on January 6.

He has been jailed for almost four years for ‘obstructing an official proceeding.’

In the footage, Chansley appears to be guided by an official as he wanders the Capitol.

He passes a line of riot police, who make no move to stop him.

Then they escort him to various entrances of the chamber which appear to be locked, and eventually find him an open door through which he vanishes.

‘Virtually every moment of his time inside the Capitol was caught on tape,’ said Carlson.

‘The tapes show the Capitol police never stopped Jacob Chansley. They helped him. They acted as his tour guides.’

Tucker: This video tells a different story of Jan 6

Fox News host Tucker Carlson unveils Jan. 6 video that shows Capitol police escorting protesters through building, including ‘QAnon Shaman,’ on ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight.’ Subscribe to Fox News! Watch more Fox News Video: Watch Fox News Channel Live: FOX News Channel (FNC) is a 24-hour all-encompassing news service delivering breaking news as well as political and business news.

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BREAKING: Newly revealed footage shows ‘QAnon Shaman’ being escorted through Capitol by multiple police on Jan 6

“If he was in fact committing such a grave crime, why didn’t the officers who were standing right next to him place him under arrest?”

Tucker Carlson exposed never-before-seen surveillance footage from the Capitol riot on January 6, 2021, showing unequivically that Nancy Pelosi’s January 6 Committee, along with countless Democrats and pundits, were lying about the events of that day. 

One of the key figures brought up repeatedly by leftist lawmakers and their media accolytes with the QAnon Shaman, a US veteran named Jacob Chansley, who wore horns, face paint, and what appeared to be pelts when he walked through the Capitol building on January 6 following Trump’s rally at the Ellipse. 

Greg Price on Twitter: “🚨BREAKING: Never before seen video of January 6 shows Jacob Chansley, the QAnon Shaman, being led through the Capitol by police the entire time that he was in the building. / Twitter”

🚨BREAKING: Never before seen video of January 6 shows Jacob Chansley, the QAnon Shaman, being led through the Capitol by police the entire time that he was in the building.

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Russell Brand’s searing rant about ‘propagandist’ MSNBC goes viral

John Heilemann left fuming and sputtering

Russell Brand’s searing rant about ‘propagandist’ MSNBC goes viral

Russell Brand blasted leftist news network MSNBC for its “propagandist nut-crackery” in a searing rant on “Real Time with Bill Maher” Saturday, which has now gone viral.

Russell Brand blasted leftist news network MSNBC for its “propagandist nut-crackery” in a searing rant Saturday, which has gone viral.

The popular podcaster was met with wild applause on “Real Time with Bill Maher” Saturday when he accused fellow guest John Heilemann, a political analyst for MSNBC and NBC, of hypocrisy for attacking rival outlets.

“I have to say that it’s disingenuous to claim that the biases that are exhibited on Fox News are any different than the biases exhibited on MSNBC,” Brand, 47, told Heilemann.

“I’ve been on that MSNBC, mate — it was propagandist nut-crackery on there.”

Brand then recalled his 2013 appearance on “Morning Joe,” which previously went viral for Brand’s disbelief at the inanity of the questioning and treating him like an “extraterrestrial” while referring to him as Willy.

“Is this what you all do for a living?” he mocked the interviewers at the time, asking: “What’s wrong with your manners?”

On Saturday, he told Heilemann that “it was absurd the way they carried on.”

“I don’t know what it was — it wasn’t the morning, there was no one called Joe there, no one could concentrate [and] they didn’t understand the basic tenets of journalism,” he said with disbelief.

“I think to sit within the castle of MSNBC throwing rocks at Fox News is ludicrous. Make MSNBC better!”

Heilemann accused the comedian of not having a “single actual fact” because he didn’t “actually know anything about any of these organizations you’re talking about.”

“You’ve been on MSNBC once — big f—ing deal!” he said.

Brand shot back: “My darling, it was more than enough. It was such a carry-on!”

Defending his network, Heilemann asked for a “specific example of an MSNBC correspondent or anchor being on television saying something they knew was false.”

Brand noted the “ludicrous, outrageous criticism of Joe Rogan around Ivermectin” and “deliberately referring to it as a horse medicine when they know this is an effective medicine.”

And “what of Rachel Maddow turning up on the TV saying, ‘If you take this vaccine, you’re not gonna get it’ when it hadn’t been clinically trialed for transmission?” he asked.

“You have to listen,” Brand told Heilemann, with one clip viewed nearly 12 million times on Twitter.

“Do you think you can improve America by determinedly and avowedly condemning Fox News without acknowledging that you’re participating in the same game?”

“Bickering about which propagandists network is the worst is not going to save a single American life, not improve the life of a single American child, not going to improve America standing in the world — and the world needs a strong America, I’ll tell you that,” he said to cheers and applause.

“So you have an obligation — a duty! — not to condemn these people.”

Russell Brand Destroys MSNBC’s John Heilemann

Doesn’t get any better than this.

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Flashback: Remember when Rachel Maddow said ‘the virus does not infect’ vaccinated people?

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