June 20, 2024

Education secretary repeatedly declines to answer after Republican asks ‘what is a woman’

Biden’s Education Secretary joins Biden’s Supreme Court Nominee in refusing to define what a woman is


Democrats keep taking a pass when pressed to define “woman,” and so Republicans keep asking.

The latest instance occurred at a House Appropriations Committee hearing Tuesday, when Education Secretary Miguel Cardona repeatedly skirted questions by Rep. Andrew Clyde, Georgia Republican, who asked, “Can you please define for me: What is a woman?”

“Our focus at the department is to provide equal access to students, including students who are LGBTQ, access free from discrimination,” Mr. Cardona said.

Asked a second time, Mr. Cardona said the question was “almost secondary” to his “important role” heading the Education Department.

Mr. Clyde tried a third time saying: “My question is not secondary. My question is very simple. What does [the Department of Health and Human Services] say the definition of a woman is?”

Said Mr. Cardona: “I lead the Education Department, and my job is to make sure that all students have access to public education, which includes co-curricular activities.”

“I think you highlighted pretty well the importance of Title IX in giving students equal access,” Mr. Cardona added.

Mr. Clyde wrapped it up by saying: “So you’re not going to answer my question.”

The Post Millennial on Twitter: “Biden’s Education Secretary Miguel Cardona REFUSES to answer a very simple question, “What is a woman?” pic.twitter.com/S1yCm5rmCk / Twitter”

Biden’s Education Secretary Miguel Cardona REFUSES to answer a very simple question, “What is a woman?” pic.twitter.com/S1yCm5rmCk

Mr. Cardona was no more forthcoming when asked whether it is fair that “a mediocre male athlete can simply identify as a female and go on to dominate women’s sports,” responding that “our focus at the Department of Education is to provide equal access free from discrimination to students.”

The “what is a woman” exchange was reminiscent of last year’s exchange between Sen. Marsha Blackburn, Tennessee Republican, and then-Supreme Court nominee Ketanji Brown Jackson, who replied, “I’m not a biologist.”

Her response became a national punch line. She was ultimately confirmed by the Senate.

Health and Human Services Secretary Xavier Becerra also took a pass at a House hearing last year, after being quizzed by Rep. Mary Miller, Illinois Republican.

“Congresswoman, I’m looking at you, and I think you’re a woman. How much more do you want me to give you?” Mr. Becerra said.

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