June 20, 2024

Orchestrated Invasion: The CCP’s Border War and the Global Agenda — Frontline Agents Reveal the Unfolding Plan to Destroy America

Frontline agents reveal the unfolding plan to destroy America


This fall, a Border Patrol source warned me of a “massive migrant caravan” headed toward Lukeville, Arizona. 

“We’re doing daily patrol flights now in the bird due to the increased violence against agents on the border in Lukeville AZ,” my source revealed. “As soon as agents try to hold the line they are getting rocked by guys on the south side in Mexico. Just flew by a group of about 500 give ups they were taking care of in Lukeville.” 

“These agents need help,” he added. Ajo is getting crushed.”

An invasion of America’s sovereign borders is unfolding in real time, yet the legacy media has turned a blind eye to it.

“Any idea why mainstream media won’t cover this, specifically in Lukeville AZ?” my Border Patrol contact asked. “If the media just covered the soft-site facilities in Tucson, Casa Alitas, and Lukeville AZ, the general population would be blown away!” he added.

The orders that Border Patrol is getting [are] completely unconstitutional.

A second source shared, “I’m an Ajo agent and none of what was told to you [by Source One quoted above] is an exaggeration. We’re drowning out here and the violence from the south side has picked up like I’ve never seen before. Two shootings in the last week.”

“I guess we need to just keep speaking up and more people will start to speak out themselves,” Source One responded. 

The Worst It’s Ever Been

Ben Bergquam of Real America’s Voice, who broke the Lukeville story, echoed these observations in a November 5 post: “Wait till you see the footage I got today! I may sound like a broken record, but seriously it is the worst it’s ever been! This border invasion has to end. GOP, shut the government down until it does OTHERWISE OUR COUNTRY IS DEAD!” he warned. 

“[I’m] just getting home from a shift in Lukeville,” Source One shared. “The border is out of control right now. Me and some teammates are brainstorming on what to do. The orders that Border Patrol is getting [are] completely unconstitutional.” 

After viewing videos from within a Border Patrol vehicle showing scores of military-aged men infiltrating into the U.S. a member of Congress asked for clearance to post them. Seeking some literal “stop gap” measure, I asked the Representative if the U.S. can declare war on the Cartel.

Do you trust this leadership to wage war on the Cartel? We’re focused on diversity, equity and inclusion.

“It has been discussed, but do you trust this leadership to wage war on the Cartel? Those guys don’t play. We’re focused on diversity, equity and inclusion. [This is the] same dream team that screwed Afghanistan—so weak that Hamas launched a historic attack on their watch, took many U.S. hostages, proxy groups shooting at U.S. ships, etc. [Congress] might consider supporting that under strong leadership, [but] not [under] this admin.”

Who is Really Behind the Border Invasion?

Everything playing out with the invasion at the U.S. border was planned years ago and is being orchestrated behind the scenes by the Globalists and the CCP. We know this because the CCP showed their hand to the world, trusting that few would even take notice.

Written in 1999 by People’s Liberation Army (PLA) colonels Qiao Liang and Wang Xiangsui, Unrestricted Warfare is the quintessential playbook of the Globalist agenda, now being executed by the CCP and proxies. 

Among several categories of “unrestricted warfare” tactics, the guide lists drug warfare, terrorist warfare, ideological warfare, and more. 

“Metanational threats transcend the nation state borders, operating on an interregional or even global scale,” Liang and Xiangsui wrote. “They include religious movements [such as Islam], international criminal organizations [like the Mexican cartel], and informal economic organizations that facilitate weapons proliferation [look to Iran and Hezbollah].”

Sources report that an estimated 30% of illegals coming in at Jacamba, California are military-aged Chinese men.

“We can point out a number of other means and methods used to fight a non-military war, some of which already exist and some of which may exist in the future…” they wrote, including “…psychological warfare (spreading rumors to intimidate the enemy and break down his will); smuggling warfare (throwing markets into confusion and attacking economic order); media warfare (manipulating what people see and hear in order to lead public opinion along); drug warfare (obtaining sudden and huge illicit profits by spreading disaster in other countries).” High on the list are terrorist activity, illegal drug trade, and “out-of-control immigration.”

In 2023, Border Patrol reported apprehending 151 migrants with positive terrorism watchlist matches who entered the U.S. illegally along the southern border, an all-time high for the region that eclipsed the previous record of 98 set in 2022. In 2021, the agency reported just 15 such apprehensions.

The CCP fully understands that U.S. military heads “still limit threats to the military arena.” Meanwhile, massive amounts of deadly fentanyl continue pouring over the border, and military-aged men are being given plane tickets and $5,000 to embed all over the nation, according to Pinal County, Arizona Sheriff Mark Lamb.

“During the transition of nation states to globalization,” wrote Liang and Xiangsui, “…we no longer have to be like our ancestors who invariably saw resolution by armed force as the last court of appeals. Any of the political, economic, or diplomatic means now has sufficient strength to supplant military means…what we have done is nothing more than substitute bloodless warfare for bloody warfare as much as possible,” they revealed.

“We have turned the entire world into a battlefield in the broad sense. On this battlefield, people still fight, plunder, and kill each other as before, but the weapons are more advanced and the means more sophisticated, so while it is somewhat less bloody, it is still just as brutal.”

Chillingly, Unrestricted Warfare reveals the sinister goal of the CCP: “Since things which should happen will ultimately come to pass, what we can and must focus on at present is how to achieve victory.”

This invasion is a form of warfare potentially fatal to our Republic.

It’s no longer a secret that the CCP is waging unrestricted warfare against the U.S. in a massive campaign to become the world’s sole superpower—and our leaders had better learn and adapt quickly.

The current invasion of our southern border—a major threat to our Republic—is being orchestrated by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) in the interests of globalism. 

“Faced with warfare in the broad sense that will unfold on a borderless battlefield, it is no longer possible to rely on military forces and weapons alone to achieve national security in the larger strategic sense, nor is it possible to protect these stratified national interests….How to conduct war is obviously no longer a question for the consideration of military people alone.” 

And the breaking down of traditional borders—cultural, martial, and geographic—is essential to the triumph of globalization.

“This, then, is globalization. This is warfare in the age of globalization. Although it is but one aspect, it is a startling one. When the soldiers standing at the crossroads of the centuries are faced with this aspect, perhaps each of them should ask himself, what can we still do? If those such as Morris, bin Laden, and Soros can be considered soldiers in the wars of tomorrow, then who isn’t a soldier?” 

While not all U.S. lawmakers understand or accept that first of all, the U.S. is being invaded, and secondly, that this invasion is a tool of warfare potentially fatal to our Republic, the CCP understands it well; the globalists are funding it under the guise of “humanity and compassion.”

“Although the boundaries between soldiers and non-soldiers have now been broken down, and the chasm between warfare and non-warfare nearly filled up, globalization has made all the tough problems interconnected and interlocking, and we must find a key for that. The key should be able to open all the locks, if these locks are on the front door of war. And this key must be suited to all the levels and dimensions, from war policy, strategy, and operational techniques to tactics; and it must also fit the hands of individuals, from politicians and generals to the common soldiers. We can think of no other more appropriate key than ‘unrestricted warfare.’”

We must immediately seal up the border and take action against the criminal cartels acting as proxies for the main military arm of the Globalists, the CCP. 

Without borders, we have no nation; once infiltrated physically and culturally, our military might is useless and obsolete. And that is exactly the outcome China is working to achieve. The border invasion is an act of war. It must be treated as such and acted upon in a unified, decisive bipartisan response. 

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UN Demands Crackdown on Food Supply to ‘Fight Climate Change’

UN Demands Crackdown on Food Supply to ‘Fight Climate Change’ – Slay News

The United Nations (UN) is demanding that governments around the world launch a coordinated crackdown on the global food supply in order to “fight climate change.”

The United Nations (UN) is demanding that governments around the world launch a coordinated crackdown on the global food supply in order to “fight climate change.”

The call was made by the UN’s Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO).

The head of the FAO is former Chinese Communist Party (CCP) official Qu Dongyu, who served as China’s vice minister of Agriculture and Rural Affairs.

The unelected UN is demanding that sovereign nations place strict limits on their agriculture industries, specifically meat and dairy production, to comply with the World Economic Forum’s (WEF) “Net Zero” targets for “Agenda 2030.”

On Sunday, the FAO published a report commanding policymakers to substantially alter agricultural markets to align the global agricultural system with the WEF’s green agenda.

Despite the FAO claiming that the move seeks to “save the planet” for “the greater good,” the motivations of the organization have been called into question.

FAO chief Dongyu has been repeatedly accused of using his post at the unelected global institution to advance Beijing’s specific interests, according to Politico.

The outlet notes that Dongyu has ignored other issues, such as food shortages and hunger crises around the world, while focusing on efforts to crack down on Western nations’ agriculture industries.

“Providing healthy food for all, today and tomorrow, is crucial; as is aligning agrifood systems transformation with climate actions,” the FAO report states.

“Agrifood systems should address food security and nutrition needs, but they host a large number of actions aligned with mitigation, adaptation, and resilience objectives.

“Simultaneously, the climate agenda could mobilize climate finance to unlock the potential of these systems and drive their transformation.”

The report asserts that individuals in wealthier nations can “gain” from reduced meat consumption.

The FAO argues that reducing public meat consumption will improve citizens’ health and help them “fight climate change.”

Poorer countries, meanwhile, would allegedly benefit from increasing their protein consumption.

One way to better align agriculture with climate goals is “increasing productivity and decreasing greenhouse gas emissions per unit of product through better livestock genetics well adapted to existing and future climate conditions,” according to the report.

According to a UN insider, however, the organization’s officials are aware that Dongyu is actively pursuing China’s agenda while claiming publicly to be fighting “climate change.”

“Nobody actually takes him seriously: It’s not him; it’s China,” a former UN official reportedly told Politico of Dongyu and his relationship with CCP officials.

“I’m not convinced he would make a single decision without first checking it with the capital.”

The report urges policymakers to “change the livestock population to match not only nutritional needs but also environmental opportunities and constraints.”

The FAO insists that nations must put policies in place to shift away from large livestock animals, like cows, for meat production.

The report also calls for policy to “change consumer behavior regarding portion size and nudge towards responsible decisions by food sellers and consumers.”

Countries must also “change food and beverages taxes and subsidies to provide consumers with an economic and rational decision-making justification for change,” the FAO adds.

The FAO concludes by alleging that livestock production accounts directly for 26% of all “emissions” caused by agricultural activity.

The organization claims this figure can jump up to about 50% when considering upstream and downstream “emissions.”

In the absence of sweeping government action, the FAO estimates that global livestock production could see its “emissions” increase by 40% by 2050.

The new FAO report is the first of three papers to be released by the body.

The next two will be released at the next UN climate summits, known as COP29 and COP30, according to its text.

The COP29 report will focus on laying out regional roadmaps for transforming the global agricultural system.

The COP30 report will set out plans for specific countries, as well as systems for emissions monitoring and “accountability.”

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