May 23, 2024

Riot cops finally smash through UCLA Gaza encampment barricades as they clash with huge crowds of pro-Palestine protesters in another night of violence on campus

UCLA pro-Palestine protestors brace for clashes with cops

Video showed Pro-Palestine protesters at UCLA appearing to brace for clashes with LAPD in riot gear after they threatened arrest for anyone who refused to leave encampments.

Riot cops supported by busloads of reinforcements have smashed through barricades at UCLA’s Gaza encampment after a smaller group of police was forced to retreat by pro-Palestine protesters.

LAPD officers who had been trying to hold a skirmish line dispersed earlier as they were pushed back by a wave of protesters, who far outnumbered police and were holding umbrellas and makeshift shields.

Soon after, hundreds of CHP officers were bussed to the campus as backup, cramming into a small walkway as they again attempted to breach the wall of people trying to prevent them from entering the encampment.

Hundreds of protesters, many brandishing umbrellas, shields and wearing helmets, continued to resist the police advance into the quad area on the west side of Royce Hall, attempting to push them back as they had done before.

But a huge stream of officers, armed with batons and equipped with riot gear, cleared away makeshift barricades made out of dumpsters and wooden boards as they marched on the camp. 

As the confrontation began on the west of Royce Hall, another busload of officers was brought in and circled around the east side of the hall, escorting surrendering students away and starting to rip down fortifications.

Within minutes, police were able to tear down the perimeter barrier, launching flash bangs into the air. Protesters are reported to be using pepper or bear spray and fire extinguishers as they continue to resist law enforcement dispersal orders.

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