April 22, 2024

WATCH AND SHARE: Devastating Documentary ‘Climate: The Movie’ Obliterates Climate Scam, Shadow banned By YouTube

WATCH AND SHARE: Devastating Documentary ‘Climate: The Movie’ Obliterates Climate Scam, Shadowbanned By YouTube | The Gateway Pundit | by Ben Kew

The documentary exposes the climate change scam with the help of a stellar cast of world renowned scientific academics and researchers.

A devastating new film by British documentary filmmaker Martin Durkin has obliterated the climate change scam in just 80 minutes.

Durkin, a former revolutionary communist turned staunch libertarian, exposes the climate change scam by interviewing a cast of world renowned academics and researchers who calmly break down how the earth’s climate has always been changing and not a result of human activity.

Climate: The Movie is neatly summarized by the conservative journalist Toby Young over at The Spectator, who describes it as the “cure for climate anxiety” experienced by so many leftist ignoramuses:

A new documentary, Climate: The Movie, by the maverick filmmaker Martin Durkin, is becoming a phenomenon, though it’s received almost no publicity in the mainstream media. It rejects the idea that we’re in the midst of a ‘climate emergency’, so that’s hardly surprising. But it has already racked up millions of views online and been translated into ten languages. I watched it on YouTube on Monday and can confirm it’s a dazzlingly entertaining film that distills the case against climate alarmism into a succinct 80 minutes.

One of the reasons it’s so hard to challenge the narrative about climate change is because it supposedly reflects the ‘settled’ scientific consensus…. To underline this, the film features a cast of distinguished scientists, including the winner of the 2022 Nobel Prize for physics, who gleefully take on all the sacred cows of the environmental lobby.

Climate The Movie (The Real Truth): Martin Durkin Official.

ClimateTheMovie #TheRealTrust #Climate #TheNewClass #climatechange #wakeup #environment Climate The Movie (The Real Truth) The film that lifts the lid on the climate alarm, and the dark forces behind the climate consensus. Written and directed by Martin Durkin. Produced by Tom Nelson.

Among the film’s stellar set of contributors include Sallie Louise Baliunas, a retired Harvard astrophysicist, John Clauser, a theoretical and experimental physicist who won a Nobel Prize in Physics, William Happer, a Professor of Physics at Princeton and Richard Lindzen, former Professor of Meteorology at MIT.

As well as detailing the paper thin fake science behind the climate scam, the film also explains how global elites invented the scam and then built a multi trillion dollar industry around it, creating incredible vested interests who will aggressively censor and attack those who contradict the official narrative.

“I made the movie because I think the climate alarm is bollocks and because I hate Greens (reactionary misanthrope snobs), and I love material progress (everyone getting richer), and the values and aspirations of what are called ‘ordinary people,’” Durkin told The Gateway Pundit in an interview.

Martin Durkin on “Climate: The Movie” | Tom Nelson Pod #204

Martin Richard Durkin is an English television producer and director of the 2007 documentary film The Great Global Warming Swindle. His new film “Climate: The Movie” is “a dazzlingly entertaining film that distils the case against climate alarmism into a succinct 80 minutes.”–Toby Young, Spectator.

The film is already being shadowbanned by YouTube and other Big Tech platforms, many of whom fear the prospect of people waking up about the extent of the climate change scam.

Climate: The Movie is avaliable for viewing on YouTube, Rumble and the X platform.

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