April 22, 2024

Behind Election Rhetoric, Democrats Utilize Little Known Strategy to Win 2024

‘There are some really strange things going on on campuses,’ says Wisconsin Voter Alliance President Ron Heuer

Behind Election Rhetoric, Democrats Utilize Key Strategy to Win 2024

‘There are some really strange things going on on campuses,’ says Wisconsin Voter Alliance President Ron Heuer.

The upcoming election will likely be less about changing voters’ minds and more about rousing the faithful and getting them to the polls.

America’s students, who according to an analysis by Tufts University helped elect Biden in key swing states in 2020, could prove to be pivotal in this regard, both as targets and as foot soldiers in the party’s get-out-the-vote drives.

Meanwhile, a lawsuit currently moving through Wisconsin courts appears to provide a case study for how these campaigns translate into election wins for the Democratic Party.

In February, Vice President Kamala Harris highlighted that the government is paying college students to register voters.

“We have been doing work to promote voter participation for students. And, for example we … now allow students to get paid through Federal Work Study to register people and to be nonpartisan poll workers,” she said.

Ms. Harris said the Biden administration has been able “to charge federal agencies with doing the work that they rightly can do to inform the American people of their right to vote.”

Paying students to canvass is the latest component of an initiative originated under former President Barack Obama to increase student voting. Initially this was carried out in conjunction with private nonprofit organizations such as Civic Nation.

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Election 2024: It’s the Psychopathology, Stupid

Election 2024: It’s the Psychopathology, Stupid

Founded with the support of President Obama, his wife, and Joe Biden in 2015, and led by former Obama staffers, Civic Nation now boasts a partnership with 1,700 colleges and universities and a reported budget of more than $16 million in 2020.

Its stated goal is “fighting for gender equity, social justice, and more,” and it leads the “All In Campus Democracy Challenge” that engages with university administrators to get them to sign up student voters.

All In runs school get-out-the-vote competitions in all 50 states. According to its website, it has partnered with 994 institutions and signed up more than 10 million students. As part of the “challenge,” schools agree to share student voting data.

Civic Nation receives much of its funding from a network of progressive charitable funds managed by Arabella Advisors, which oversees a network of nonprofit vehicles that finance left-wing political campaigns.

Under the Biden administration, however, the student get-out-the-vote campaign is now being run with federal funds, spearheaded by the U.S. Department of Education.

Executive Order Backed by Federal Funds

President Biden’s Executive Order 14019 compels all government agencies to take part in a nationwide effort to register voters and includes a program by the Department of Education (DOE) that pressures educational institutions to demonstrate that they have signed up students to vote.

Following the issuance of EO14019, the DOE sent schools a “Dear Colleague Letter” to “remind institutions of higher education of the federal requirements regarding voting that are tied to participation in federal student aid programs.”

The letter, according to the DOE, also clarifies when Federal Work Study dollars can be used “for nonpartisan civic engagement work.”

According to a 2022 report by Tufts University’s Center for Information and Research on Civic Learning and Engagement (CIRCLE), “youth ages 18–29 are the only age group in which a strong majority supported Democrats.”

Up until 2002, the youth vote was evenly split between the two parties, the report stated, but since that time young people have shifted sharply in favor Democrats by what is now a 28-point margin. The get-out-the-vote campaigns do not target all young voters equally, however. Instead, they focus their efforts on the most reliable Democrat voters—those who attend college.

A 2020 survey by Pew Research found that the single largest voter gap in favor of Democrats was white college-educated women, of whom 62 percent voted Democrat versus 34 percent who voted Republican. Conversely, non-college white men favored the Republican Party by a margin of 32 points, with 62 percent for Republicans and 30 percent for Democrats.

“Democrats increasingly dominate in party identification among white college graduates,” the report states. “Republicans increasingly dominate in party affiliation among white non-college voters.”

Students Vote Like Their Teachers

A 2020 report by the National Association of Scholars found that Democrat-registered professors outnumbered Republican-registered professors by a ratio of 10-to-1, a gap that has widened from 4.5-to-1 in 1999.

“Research since World War II has consistently found overwhelmingly left-oriented political attitudes and ideological self-identification among college and university faculty,” the Association states. “It has also found overwhelming support for the Democratic Party.”

The other factor that makes the college vote so attractive to Democrats is the location of college students in key swing states, where a few thousand votes can deliver a win in a tight election. For this reason it may not be coincidental that the youth turnout rate has been much higher in swing states than non-swing states.

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Wicked Joe Biden Flew 90% of Illegals in Secret Flight Program to Florida and Texas

Wicked Joe Biden Flew 90% of Illegals in Secret Flight Program to Florida and Texas (VIDEO) | The Gateway Pundit | by Jim Hoft

Wicked Joe Biden flew most of the illegal aliens in his secret migrant flight program to Florida and Texas – to punish the red states with a crushing amount of new illegal aliens.

Wicked Joe Biden flew most of the illegal aliens in his secret migrant flight program to Florida and Texas – to punish the red states with a crushing amount of new illegal aliens.

At least 326,000 illegals in the program were flown into Florida.
At least 21,964 illegals were flown into Houston, Texas.

Biden is importing a crushing amount of illegal aliens into the red states to crash their social welfare system.

Republican lawmakers are once again too weak to do anything about this purposeful destruction of America.

The Washington Examiner reported:

The Biden administration’s program of secretly flying illegal immigrants directly from Latin America to U.S. cities dumps over 90% in hubs of two Southern states governed by the president’s harshest border critics, according to government data.

Some 347,959 migrants allowed into the secretive system fly directly to airports in Florida and Texas, with Florida receiving the vast majority at 325,995, according to an analysis of U.S. Customs and Border Protection numbers by the Center for Immigration Studies.

It is unclear how many of the immigrants fly on to other U.S. cities, though the government has said there are over 40 final destinations.

“This early evidence suggests that a great many of these inadmissible alien passengers, probably a majority, initially land at international airports in Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis’s Florida,” said CIS, which reported that the program has let in 386,000 people since October 2022. “In fact, Florida turns out to be the top landing and U.S. customs processing zone for this direct-flights parole-and-release program, tallying at nearly 326,000 of the initial arrivals from inception through February.”

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