May 23, 2024

Why Isn’t Every Republican Leader in America Asking 24/7, “Who is the Real President? Who is Making the Decisions That are Destroying America?” Because We All Know It Isn’t Joe Biden

Is there anyone left who doesn’t see that Joe Biden is not the president? Joe Biden isn’t running the show.

Everyone in Washington DC knows Joe Biden is for all intents and purposes brain-dead. Everyone knows he should be in a nursing home with a sign around his neck listing his name and phone number in case he wanders off. Everyone knows he wears diapers. Everyone knows he doesn’t know what year it is, or most of the time, where he is, what he’s reading on the teleprompter, or what he’s signing.

This is the worst kept secret in history: Joe Biden is a brain-dead zombie puppet.

Biden is a wooden dummy and someone is the ventriloquist. Biden is the frontman for the biggest scam in world history.

So, why isn’t every Republican politician in Washington DC and America asking “Who is in charge? Who is running the country? Who is making the decisions that change our lives and our children’s future? Who is giving the orders?

Someone is making ridiculous, absurd, insane decisions. Someone wants America destroyed. Someone wants America weak and impotent. Someone wants to turn Americans into serfs and slaves, dependent on government to survive.

Someone wants America part of a One World government with all other poor and powerless nations of the world.

Who made the decision to leave the border open and invite the whole world in- including murderers, terrorists, Jew-hating Muslim radicals, Hamas, Hezbollah, MS-13, and Chinese military-age males? Who would want this?

Who made the decision to leave the border open- thereby allowing all the fentanyl and other deadly drugs in the world to flow into the USA and kill over 100,000 Americans a year? Who would benefit from that?

Who made the decision to add half billion dollars a year to the national debt to pay for 20 million new illegal aliens? Why do we need them? Who benefits?

Who made the decision to treat illegal aliens better than U.S. citizens, and better than even our hero military vets?

Who is making the decision to allow the violent criminals out with “no bail?” Look around- almost every crime in America is committed by criminals arrested or convicted 5 times, 10 times, 20 times, 50 times. Why are they walking the streets? Why are they still breathing? Why aren’t they in prison for life, or given the death penalty?

Who is making the decision to “feminize” the U.S. military and base it on DEI (diversity, equity and inclusion), CRT, climate change, and transgender ideology?

Who made the decision to release billions of dollars to Iran right before they funded one of the worst terror attacks in history upon Israel? Who gave them the green light to attack Israel twice without America lifting a finger to stop them?

Who made the decision over the weekend for the United States to not support Israel’s counterattack against Iran?

Who made the deadly decision to keep the printing presses running 24/7 to create the worst debt and worst inflation perhaps in our lifetimes, and thereby destroy the middle class?

Who made the decision to hurt the oil and energy industries and reverse America’s energy independence under President Trump? Who would want us dependent on our enemies in the Middle East, Russia and Venezuela?

Who made the decision to not refill the Strategic Petroleum Reserve at the exact moment World War 3 appears to be imminent?

The world is on fire because someone gave the order to abdicate our role as world leader. Who made that decision?

Who made the decision to weaponize our government against President Trump? And to violate the U.S. Constitution in order to censor and silence conservatives?

Who made the decision to mandate against their will every employee in America with an untested, experimental, emergency-use-only, vaccine based on OSHA rules?

Who gave the order to demonize and slander Ivermectin as a veterinary medicine for pigs and horses- even though it is now proven to be safe and effective for humans versus Covid, and could have saved hundreds of thousands of lives? Someone didn’t want those American lives saved. Why?

I could go on for hours.

Someone is making all these devastatingly wrong decisions that are intentionally destroying America. Why isn’t every Republican politician in America asking out loud, “Who is President? Who is making these decisions?”

And we should be saying it 24/7 until the election. Everyone in DC knows Biden can’t control his bladder, he’s certainly not running the country.

So, who is? Why are we allowing the greatest nation in world history to be destroyed by an unelected mysterious stranger, or foreign interests?

We know Joe Biden is reading teleprompter. We know his mic is cut off, if he strays from prepared words. We know the Easter Bunny led him off the White House lawn when reporters asked too many questions. We know his wife Jill often leads him off stage. We know he can’t walk up short stairs without tripping. We heard him actually say he doesn’t know what he’s signing.

We know Obama said he was “going to fundamentally change America.” We know Obama if he was elected gas prices would skyrocket.

I believe Obama is the real power behind the throne. Obama is giving the orders.

But who is his boss? The Deep State? China? The CCP? George Soros? Klaus Schwab? Valerie Jarrett? Satan?

Someone is the head of the snake giving the ultimate orders to destroy America. Someone is ordering this communist and globalist takeover of USA. Someone is turning our government against the people. Someone is being bribed billions of dollars to destroy us.

Why isn’t every GOP politician in America asking these questions LOUDLY 24 hours a day in the media and in television commercials?

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