June 20, 2024

Biden Caught on Hot Mic Telling Macron His Team’s Plan to Get Him Out of D-Day Celebration Early

Joe and Jill Biden arrived in Normandy on Thursday to commemorate the 80th anniversary of D-Day.

Biden is spending 5 days in France, attending D-Day ceremonies in Normandy and visiting with French President Emmanuel Macron.

As usual, Joe Biden was a humiliation on the world stage.

He sat down in an invisible chair, boasted about killing Russians, fell asleep and was whisked away from the celebrations by Nurse Jill.

Joe Biden was caught on a hot mic telling Macron his team’s plan to extract him from the D-Day celebrations early as they were walking near the beaches.

“My advance team said I gotta be the first one to leave because I hold people up,” Biden said sounding like a 5-year-old.


RNC Research on X (formerly Twitter): “BIDEN: “My advance team said I gotta be the first one to leave” pic.twitter.com/x5za5Z70wK / X”

BIDEN: “My advance team said I gotta be the first one to leave” pic.twitter.com/x5za5Z70wK

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Where is my chair? Bizarre moment Jill covers her mouth as Joe suddenly bends down during the 80th anniversary D-Day speech

Odd moment Jill covers her mouth as Biden starts to sit at D-Day event

President Biden kneeled down as if to take a seat during a lull at D-Day ceremonies after meeting with vets – then started to stand for remarks by his defense secretary only to finally take his seat.

President Joe Biden squatted down during ceremonies commemorating the 80th anniversary of D-Day in France on Thursday, then awkwardly held the position before correcting himself while other dignitaries remained standing.

The odd moment came after Biden and French President Emmanuel Macron greeted surviving heroes of the Normandy invasion, as a military band played somber music.

Biden, 81, then bent his knees as if preparing to sit before momentarily freezing. 

The move seemed to prompt First Lady Jill Biden to cover her mouth – raising questions about whether she quietly tried to offer him advice.

As Biden bent down towards his chair, the music suddenly cut out, and a loudspeaker told the gathered ‘distinguished guests’ that Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin would now speak. 

That prompted Biden to pause in his squatted position. He then slightly elevated himself as if to stand, before again lowering himself down.

His wife Jill – who sometimes guides her husband off stage during public events – covered her mouth and scratched the area above her upper lip. It was difficult to tell whether she let him know it wasn’t yet the right time to sit.

Biden is attuned to the comfort of guests at large public speaking events. He regularly tells his own listeners who stand for him to please take a seat if they have one.

The unusual moment came during a day of moving encounters with some of the last members of the ‘Greatest Generation.’

Biden met with two dozen U.S. vets who landed at Normandy in 1944 and served in what he called a ‘crusade’ that ultimately liberated Europe from Nazi tyranny. 

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