May 22, 2024

Where’s Gavin? California Governor Newsom disappears from public view for 10 DAYS and skips COP26 summit to deal with ‘family obligations’ as Guv goes MIA

Governor’s Office claimed that Newsom would attend the summit virtually, though he still has not made a video appearance

  • Newsom was last seen publicly getting a COVID booster shot on October 27
  • On October 29, he abruptly canceled plans to attend COP26 in Scotland
  • Spokesperson cited ‘family obligations’ and said he would attend virtually
  • No further details on those ‘obligations’ have been shared  
  • Newsom has not yet made a video appearance at the climate summit
  • He has been seen only in a pre-recorded Diwali message and Halloween photo
  • Newsom posed in pirate costume with wife and kids in photo posted on Monday

California Governor Gavin Newsom has disappeared from public view for 10 days and abruptly canceled plans to attend the COP26 climate summit in Scotland over unexplained ‘family obligations.’

Newsom was last seen in public on October 27, receiving a COVID-19 booster shot in Oakland. He said it was painless and then flexed in celebration, urging others to get boosters as well.

Two days later, his office issued a statement citing unspecified family obligations, abruptly cancelling his plans to attend the global climate conference, a huge gathering of international leaders on a subject that is among his highest priorities.

The statement claimed that Newsom would attend the summit virtually, though he still has not made a video appearance. California’s lieutenant governor led the delegation in his place. No further information on the ‘family obligations’ that caused the sudden alteration to his schedule have been shared. 

Since then, Newsom has been seen only in prerecorded video statements, and in family Halloween photos posted on Monday, in costume as a pirate with his wife and four young children.

‘The governor has been working from the Capitol this week,’ a spokeswoman for Newsom told on Saturday, dismissing any suggestion that the COP26 cancellation was connected to Newsom’s booster shot as ‘misinformation.’

After the federal government late Tuesday authorized Pfzier’s coronavirus vaccine for emergency use for kids 5 to 11, California implemented what state officials deemed a ‘robust vaccination program.’ 

It’s the kind of announcement that Newsom typically makes in-person in front of TV cameras, but the governor’s office announced the plan with an emailed news release. 

His Twitter account went dark from October 28 until Tuesday, when he tweeted Election Day support to fellow Democratic Governors Phil Murphy of New Jersey and Terry McAuliffe of Virginia, who were seeking reelection. 

As the week went on, Newson’s Twitter account was more active, tweeting about climate change, urging children to get vaccinated, and praising President Joe Biden’s vaccine mandates for large companies. 

It’s rare, but not unprecedented, for Newsom to go a whole week without some type of appearance. Such absences are usually explained, including when Newsom leaves the state for vacation.

In this case, the only statement from Newsom’s office came October 29 and referred to unspecified family obligations. No additional information about the family’s circumstances has been released.

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