November 29, 2023

5th Circuit Court of Appeals upholds ban against Biden Vaccine Mandate

The 5th Circuit Court of Appeals affirmed its decision to put on hold an order by Biden for companies with 100 workers or more to require Covid vaccines, rejecting a challenge by his administration.

Court upholds stay on Biden’s vaccine mandate for businesses | The Donlon Report

The fifth circuit court of appeals just voted to uphold the temporary stay on President Biden’s vaccine mandate on businesses. The businesses are suing to stop that mandate because it will cause, “irreparable harm.” Supermarket Owner Brandon Trosclair is one of the many business owners suing the Biden administration over the mandate.

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by CD Media Staff November 12, 2021933516

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UPDATE 11/13 1045 EST – The ruling mentions ‘pending judicial review’. Our understanding is this ruling clearly states how this court would rule and their opinion sets precedent and discussion of natural immunity, etc. We do state in the article the only relief for the Biden administration would be to appeal to SCOTUS Justice Alito.


-Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals rules *unanimously* to *permanently* block OSHA mandate from taking effect nationwide, effectively vacating Biden’s executive order.

-Ruiling sides with Texas, but is a *nationwide* injunction.

-One Reagan and two Trump Judges made the ruiling.

-In their ruiling, the Judges cited a tweet by MSM re WH COS admiting Biden Admin was trying to circumvent Constitution to force people to be vaccinated.

-Only appeal now is thru Justice Alito to SCOTUS.

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