May 23, 2024

Joe Rogan Calls Out Media’s Fabrication Of The Russia Hoax – ‘No One Is Being Held Accountable’

The constant attack against President Donald J.Trump, during his four years in office, confirmed to many the existence of a “deep state” operating in our government.

Starting during the Obama administration, leadership in the FBI, CIA and a fake dossier paid for by Hillary Clinton, eventually lead to a $40 million bogus investigation, two fake impeachments in the U.S. House, and disputed 2020 election results.

In spite of the failed investigations and removal of Trump by the U.S. Senate, no one in a position of power has been convicted for the failed coup d’etat

On Friday’s episode of “The Joe Rogan Experience”, the popular podcast host criticized the establishment media’s fabrication of the Russian collusion narrative, during an interview with retired United States Navy Officer, Jocko Willink.

“No one is being held accountable. The collusion between the media and the government is pretty apparent. Especially the left-wing media and the left-wing government. It’s pretty f****** apparent that there’s some narratives that get shared back and forth,” Rogan said.

Willink, in return, claimed the Russian collusion story was “created by the democratic party,” or insiders within the Democratic Party.

Mythinformed on Twitter: “Joe Rogan calls out the total fabrication of the Russian collusion narrative. / Twitter”

Joe Rogan calls out the total fabrication of the Russian collusion narrative.

Rogan also compared the media’s fabrication about Russia collusion to their avoidance of President Joe Biden’s son, Hunter Biden’s, laptop story prior to the 2020 Presidential Election.

“They have talking points and they don’t talk about things they’re not supposed to, like the Hunter Biden story. Something that’s actual news,” Rogan said.

Rogan has been calling out the media for years. He previously criticized the fake news media’s coverage of him taking Ivermectin as prescribed by his doctor, in an episode with CNN’s Chief Medical Correspondent, Sanjay Gupta.

Rogan told his followers in a September Instagram video that he had tested positive for COVID-19, and went over the treatment he was receiving in the video.

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