April 22, 2024

CNN Medical Analyst Wen: ‘Don’t Wear a Cloth Mask,’ Non-Surgical Masks Are ‘Facial Decorations’

Former president of Planned Parenthood provides latest Covid-19 holiday advice


CNN medical analyst Leana Wen said Monday on “Newsroom” that cloth masks are “little more than facial decorations” in preventing the spread of the Omicron variant of coronavirus.

Anchor Victor Blackwell said, “Mayor Bill de Blasio said the city has not yet made a decision on if it will cancel the Time Square event for crowds to show up. Right now, you have to be vaccinated, and if they hold it. But for people considering going there or to the Peach Drop in Atlanta or any of the similar events across the country, what would your advice to them be? Good or not good, or if you are vaccinated, you’re fine? What do you think?”

Wen said, “I do not think that Mayor de Blasio should be canceling the New York City event because it requires proof of vaccination and it is outdoors. We should be keeping the events that are safe and also the events that are fun for people, too. We can’t be canceling everything, especially if we’re going to be living with COVID for the foreseeable future. I would you say if you choose to go, make sure you’re vaccinated and boosted and wearing a mask. Even though it is outdoors, there are a lot of people packed around you wear a three-ply surgical mask. Don’t wear a cloth mask. Cloth masks are little more than facial decorations. There’s no place for them in light of Omicron.”

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