April 22, 2024

Sen Rand Paul destroys DHS head Mayorkas

“Here’s the issue, we can’t even agree on what disinformation is…the govt is biggest purveyor of disinformation in history….I want you to have nothing to do with speech.”


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Rand Paul schools Alejandro Mayorkas on who the Lord of disinformation is. The United States Government.

This exchange shows beyond a reasonable doubt that Mayorkas is not only over his head, but is terrible at spinning the “Board” of disinformation before he made a Freudian slip and called it an “Office’’.

Rand went on to say: ‘Do you think the American people are so stupid they need you to tell them what the truth is?’ ‘I want you to have nothing to do with speech’

Rand Paul Tears into Mayorkas


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“I have a greater respect for the American people than you do. I think the American people can figure out the truth,” the senator said. “And if you think the American people need to be told there’s not fentanyl in the vaccination, feel free to say it. But the thing is, is if you are going to go around saying that you’re the arbiter of information and of disinformation, I think you have no clue. And you don’t have the perspective of history knowing that disinformation, the largest progenitor of disinformation in our history, has probably been the U.S. government.”

“Do you know, the greatest propagator of disinformation in the history of the world is? The U.S. government,” Paul said. “Are you familiar with McNamara? The Pentagon Papers? Are you familiar with George W. Bush and the weapons of mass destruction? Are you familiar with Iran-contra?”

“I mean, think of all the debates and disputes we’ve had over the last 50 years in our country,” Paul continued. “We worked them out by debating them. We don’t work them out by the government being the arbiter. I don’t want guardrails. I want you to have nothing to do with speech. You think we can’t determine, you know, speech by traffickers is disinformation. Do you think the American people are so stupid they need you to tell them what the truth is? You can’t even admit what the truth is with the Steele dossier. I don’t trust government to figure out what the truth is. Government is largely disseminating disinformation.”

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