May 18, 2024

Investigation: Killers, Gang Members Posing as Migrant Children to Get into U.S.

Statewide grand jury in Florida finds

Investigation: Criminals Posing as Migrant Children to Get into U.S.

Illegal alien adults are reportedly posing as migrant children to get released into the U.S. with the help of the federal government.

Illegal alien adults, some who go on to kill and others who are gang members, are posing as Unaccompanied Alien Children (UACs) to get released into the United States with the help of the federal government, a statewide grand jury in Florida finds.

After a more than five-month investigation, the statewide grand jury issued findings about the UAC pipeline in the U.S. where migrant children arrive at the southern border, are taken into Department of Homeland Security (DHS) custody, turned over to the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), and then released to sponsors across American communities.

“Many of the facts we have learned are depressing to contemplate and provoke a great deal of outrage,” the statewide grand jury writes before revealing their findings.

Among those findings are that the UAC pipeline into the U.S. interior is being exploited by illegal alien adults, posing as children, who go on to commit murder and many of whom are gang members associated with the likes of MS-13.

One particular case cited by the statewide grand jury was that of 24-year-old Yery Noel Medina Ulloa who posed as a UAC to get released into the U.S. interior.

Prosecutors allege that Ulloa was sent to live with 46-year-old Francisco Javier Cuellar, a father of four, by the federal government. In November 2021, Ulloa allegedly murdered Cuellar.

Similarly, the statewide grand jury details how hundreds of illegal alien adults attempt to use the UAC pipeline every year to get into the U.S. interior. Many end up being gang members.

Even when adults are found in the UAC pipeline, they are removed from the program and released into American communities, according to the statewide grand jury:

We received testimony and saw photographs and other evidence regarding other adults masquerading as UACs, including men and women ranging in age from 27 to 37. HHS discovered 105 children the agency later determined were actually adults during fiscal year 2021 alone, according to its own website. Often, the adults will have fake documents showing their age as a minor. In just the month of August, 2022, El Paso Border Patrol agents arrested seven adults aged from 19 to 26 who tried to pass as children; agents in that region have discovered more than 665 adult illegal aliens who tried to pose as unaccompanied minors to gain expedited entry into the United States in the past 12 months. [Emphasis added]

We reviewed evidence about UAC who, while they were in fact minors, presented phony documentation and fraudulent claims in an effort to enter the country. Yet none of these cases resulted in a report to ICE or any other law enforcement authority, even to investigate the source of the documents. Each incident is a separate federal criminal offense. Instead, the people who discovered them were ordered to report the matter to their cohorts in ORR (sometimes they were effectively misled that they were reporting to the FBI, when in fact they were not) More incredibly, the adults posing as children were simply taken out of the facility and released, as one manager put it, “into the wild”; the minors were permitted to submit other documents, supposedly more legitimate than the first set. [Emphasis added]

According to the testimony of the Border Patrol’s acting chief, even as far back as 2017 it was known that at least 59 UAC had been identified as members of the MS-13 gang. That number has increased significantly; we received testimony that other gangs likewise send members and even have UAC members graduate to adulthood and apply to sponsor other UAC members. Entire separate facilities were required at some ORR shelters to house those UAC who were flashing gang signs, engaging in fights, and making threats due to gang affiliation. [Emphasis added]

The statewide grand jury, formed by the Florida Supreme Court at the request of Gov. Ron DeSantis (R), is made up of teachers, retirees, military veterans, business owners, and homemakers and is tasked with investigating smuggling operations that drive illegal immigration in the U.S.

The findings come as DHS officials admitted last month that potentially thousands of UACs whom the federal government has lost contact with are ending up in a labor trafficking pipeline where they work brutal jobs unfit for even adults.

That same labor trafficking pipeline was referenced by the statewide grand jury:

Some ‘children’ are not children at all, but full-grown predatory adults; some are already gang members or criminal actors; others are coerced into prostitution or sexual slavery; some are recycled to be used as human visas by criminal organizations; some are consigned to relatives who funnel them into sweatshops to pay off the debt accumulated by their trek to this country; some flee their sponsors and return to their country of origin; some are abandoned by their so-called families and become wards of the dependency system, the criminal justice system, or disappear altogether. [Emphasis added]

Since President Joe Biden took office, a quarter of a million UACs have been resettled with sponsors across American communities. The majority, 64 to 66 percent, are boys, while 72 percent of all UACs are 15 to 18 years old. Only 15 to 16 percent of UACs are babies, toddlers, and pre-teens.

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Maher Says To ‘Survive’ Hosting A Late Show You ‘Have To Just Be Preaching’ To Liberals

Maher Says To ‘Survive’ Hosting A Late Show You ‘Have To Just Be Preaching’ To Liberals

Comedian Bill Maher said during a new episode of “Club Random” that talk show hosts have to preach to liberal audiences in order for their show to survive.

Comedian and podcast host Bill Maher said during a new episode of “Club Random” that talk show hosts have to preach to liberal audiences in order for their show to survive.

Maher was joined by actor and comedian Russell Brand when they began discussing the intertwining of comedy and politics.

“Do you agree — the emergence of comedic commentary in the political space? I suppose maybe it began with you, Jon Stewart, that kind of stuff and maybe even before you,” Brand said.

“Well, yes, there was always some of that. What’s different is that what I was doing when we started was something that they said could never work, which is having the host also render an opinion,” Maher said. “The other guys like Johnny Carson never did that.” 

“It was like, ‘no, you’ll alienate half the audience.’ And my theory was, ‘no, they can like you if they don’t agree with you.’ In the 30 years since I started, that’s almost completely switched,” he continued.

“Now to survive in a late night American talk show, you have to just be preaching to that liberal audience, which is, you know, mostly what I would agree with too. But it’s so indoctrinated and it’s so, ‘we all have agreed that this is the premise.’ Like, ‘[Giorgia] Meloni, is a fascist.’ That’s a perfect example. We all read it in The New York Times — or somebody read it for us or told us, and now the Italians are taken over by the fascists. And no attempt to look under the surface or for a different point of view — just stuff that will make people clap in the audience because this is what my team believes. Ivermectin is horse medicine or whatever it is.”

Brand agreed, arguing that for both left-leaning and right-leaning hosts, they “have got their audience.”

“The Republican Right have got their audience,” Brand said. “The Democrat Left have got their audience, play to your audience, count the money. The ball has changed.”

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Indict One—And All?

Were the opposition to match tit-for-tat these Democratic means, then the republic would not survive

Indict One-And All? › American Greatness

As we await the publication of all the impending indictments of former President Donald Trump by Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg, Americans are trying to figure out what constitutes an…

As we await the publication of all the impending indictments of former President Donald Trump by Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg, Americans are trying to figure out what constitutes an indictable offense for current and retired public officials.

Most legal experts, Left and Right, have noted:

1) Bragg promised in advance that he would try to find a way to indict Trump. His prior boasts are reminiscent of Stalin’s secret police enforcer Lavrentiy Beria’s quip, “Show me the man and I’ll show you the crime.” Nancy Pelosi gave the game away, when in her dotage, she muttered that Trump had a right to prove his innocence as if he is presumed guilty.

2) No former president has ever been indicted—and for good reason. Such prosecutions would be viewed as persecutions and render all former presidents veritable targets of every publicity-hungry and politically hostile local, state, or federal prosecutor. They would reduce the presidency to Third World norms. Gratuitously prosecuting former presidents would become a political tool to harm the opposing political party or to tarnish the legacy of a former president.

3) Trump is currently ahead in the polls for the Republican nomination to face Democratic incumbent Biden. And in head-to-head matchups, he outpolls Biden. For a prosecutor of the same party as the current president facing reelection to seek to destroy the viability of a likely opponent is a first in U.S. history. But again, it is now in accordance with Third World norms.

4) At least two left-leaning federal and state prosecutors previously have passed on the same evidence Bragg is now using for his indictments. They have explained that such a prosecution is infeasible because of statutes of limitations, because of a state attorney improperly appropriating the role of a federal prosecutor, and because non-disclosures agreements are a fact of life and not strictly illegal.

5) Bragg’s chief witness Michael Cohen is a felon and confessed liar, with a deep personal hatred of Donald Trump—a fact well known to all potential prosecutors.

6) The current indictment follows a long line of historic harassment of Trump, including the first incidence of two impeachments of a sitting president, the first impeachment trial of a president as a private citizen, and the first FBI armed raid of a retired president’s home, the first instance of an FBI director leaking confidential presidential conversations to the media for the purpose of appointing a special counsel to remove a president.

Such asymmetry also raises questions about the equal application of our laws as they apply to all our other officials, current and out-of-office.

Or, to put it another way: what crime did Trump not do that others did with either impunity or without being arrested? Here is a sample of 20.

1) Trump did not violate federal law, as did Hillary Clinton, by destroying federally subpoenaed emails and devices in order to hide evidence.

2) Trump did not violate federal law, as did Hillary Clinton, by sending classified government communications on her own, through an unsecured home-brewed server.

3) Trump did not violate federal law, as did Hillary Clinton, by hiring—through three paywalls—a foreign national, who is prohibited from working on presidential campaigns, to compile a dossier to smear her presidential opponent.

4) Trump did not violate federal campaign laws, as did Hillary Clinton, by hiding her payments (as “legal services”) to Christopher Steele through bookkeeping deceptions.

5) Trump did not, as did Bill Clinton, use a crony to search out a high-paying New York job for a paramour in order to influence her testimony before a special counsel.

6) Trump did not, as did Bill Clinton, receive a $500,000 “honorarium” for speaking in Moscow while his wife, our secretary of state, approved a longstanding and lucrative desire of the Kremlin for North American uranium to be sold to a Russian consortium.

7) Trump did not, as did Barack Obama, promise Vladimir Putin that he would be “flexible” on “missile defense” if during his own reelection bid Putin in return would give him “space”. That quid pro quo arrangement led to the U.S. abandonment of key joint missile defense systems with Poland and the Czech Republic, and, reciprocally, less than two years later a Russia invasion, mostly unopposed by the United States, of eastern Ukraine and the Crimea.

8) Trump did not boast publicly, as did Joe Biden, that he used U.S. foreign aid monies as leverage to have the Ukrainian government fire a prosecutor who may have been looking into the Biden family’s efforts to sell influence to corrupt Ukrainian interests.

9) Trump did not, as the Bidens did, set up a family consortium to leverage monies from Ukraine, Russia, and China, on their shared expectations that he might soon run for and be elected president and become compromised. Trump is not mentioned, as is Joe Biden, in family business communications as a recipient of a 10 percent commission on such payoffs.

10) Trump did not, unlike Joe Biden, remove presidential papers—without any authority to declassify them—and leave them scattered and unsecured in a garage and various residences and offices.

11) Trump did not, as did the FBI, wipe clean subpoenaed mobile phone records.

12) Trump did not, as did interim FBI head Andrew McCabe, admittedly lie under oath on four occasions to federal investigators.

13) Trump did not, as did CIA Director John Brennan, admittedly lie on two occasions while under oath to the U.S. Congress.

14) Trump did not, as did Director of National Intelligence James Clapper, admittedly lie on one occasion to the U.S. Congress.

15) Trump did not, as did James Comey, claim amnesia or ignorance 245 times while under oath before the U.S. Congress.

16) Trump did not, as did FBI Director James Comey, summarize a confidential private conversation with a president and then deliberately leak that classified memo to the media for his own agenda of appointing a special counsel to investigate the president—which turned out to be his friend Robert Mueller.

17) Trump did not, as did Robert Mueller, claim ignorance while under oath when asked about the Steele dossier and Fusion GPS, the catalysts for Mueller’s own investigation.

18) Trump did not, as did private citizen and former secretary of state John Kerry, meet clandestinely while out of office with Iranian officials to help them resist  current U.S. policy toward Iran—or what the Boston Globe characterized as “unusual shadow diplomacy” to “apply pressure on the Trump administration from the outside.”

19) Trump did not, as did the FBI and CIA, pay clandestine money to Twitter to monitor and smother news stories deemed unhelpful to their agendas.

20) Trump did not, as did then-Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, whip up a mob at the doors of the Supreme Court by threatening two sitting justices by name to intimidate them concerning an impending judicial ruling: “I want to tell you Gorsuch, I want to tell you Kavanaugh: You have released the whirlwind, and you will pay the price. You won’t know what hit you.”

In subsequent months, mobs of protestors swarmed the private homes of these two named justices to influence their decisions, a federal crime that was ignored by Attorney General Merrick Garland, but not by a self-confessed, potential assassin of Justice Brett Kavanaugh who later turned up in the neighborhood.

What are we to make of these radical disparate applications of laws and protocols? The Left repeatedly breaks laws and long-held customs with impunity by weaponizing federal offices and bureaus, whether defined in the legal sphere by mostly exempting 120 days of mass rioting, looting, arson, mayhem, and lethal violence in the summer of 2020, or procedurally by denying the House minority leader the right to nominate his party members to committees, or ceremonially having the speaker of the House tear up the presidential State-of-the-Union Address on national television.

By any fair application of past tradition and the law, Joe Biden and Alejandro Mayorkas should be impeached for their deliberate efforts to subvert U.S. immigration law for political purposes. By any just measure, Joe Biden should be the target of a special counsel’s investigation to ascertain how and why the Biden family received hidden funds from foreign governments and whether Biden himself paid taxes on such large sums.

It is the revolutionary Left that attacks institutions deemed unhelpful for its current political agenda—one that rarely warrants 50 percent public approval—whether that effort is defined by threats of ending the filibuster, scrapping the Electoral College, adding two more states, packing the court, or radically changing balloting laws and customs to turn elections into a 70 percent no-show of voters on Election Day.

All of the above is predicated on a simple premise: Were the opposition to match tit-for-tat these Democratic means, then the republic would quickly descend into a spiral of illegality and chaos analogous to what ended the late Roman Republic. That fact is well known to the new hard-left Democratic Party. So it has assumed the role of the spoiled teen who feels he has a blank check of lawless behavior that his parents would not dare emulate, given that for adults to do so would destroy the family.

In other words, the Left is saying to America something along the following lines, “We are so morally superior to you that we can and must employ any means necessary to achieve our unpopular political ends. But you cannot respond in kind or deter us by mimicking our own tactics, because should both parties do so, the resulting disorder would undermine the republic. And that is something you won’t dare do.”

By Victor Davis Hanson

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