February 27, 2024

Is This Proof the Trump Indictment Is a Scam?

Is This Proof the Trump Indictment Is a Scam?

As soon as the federal indictment of President Trump was unsealed, we were treated to stories featuring photos of “boxes of documents” stored in various rooms at Mar-a-Lago – including boxes in places…

As soon as the federal indictment of President Trump was unsealed, we were treated to stories featuring photos of “boxes of documents” stored in various rooms at Mar-a-Lago — including boxes in places like on the stage in the White and Gold Ballroom, and even in a bathroom:

Like the photos from the raid showing classified documents splayed out on the floor, these photos created a certain impression with the public. Just look at how many boxes there are! Look where they were put! Dozens of boxes all over the place, where anyone could get them.

But as Newsmax host Greg Kelly pointed out, it’s “a scam” that’s poisoning the public’s perception of Donald Trump in this case. Why? Because, as Kelly noted, the actual number of classified documents that were found at Mar-a-Lago could fit into one single box, with ample room to spare.

“You don’t have to be a lawyer to look at this and know that it’s a scam,” Kelly said. “Number one, in that indictment, they put some pictures in the indictment to scare us. Ooh, look at all these boxes. The classified documents in the boxes. These pictures are actually in the indictment, and there are dozens and dozens of boxes.”

He continued, “So I went through the indictment and saw that how many documents, classified documents, did the FBI actually recover? 102.”

Kelly then pulled out a box like the ones in the photos. “So, everybody, I got a box right here, alright? This is one box.” He then showed an intact full ream of paper — 500 pages — plus another 100 sheets of loose pages to represent the actual classified documents that were found. They didn’t even come close to filling a single box. Kelly then asked why the photos of these boxes were in the indictment and given endless coverage in the media.

“Why? Because they want to put it in everybody’s head, potential jurors’ heads, that this stuff is full of classified material. It’s not.”

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Thousands of protestors block entrance to Dodgers Stadium as team honors group of ‘Godless’ and ‘Christ-mocking’ queer and trans nuns in front of nearly empty stands for Pride Night

Thousands at Dodger’s Stadium protest ‘godless’ support of LGBTQ nuns

Religious protestors numbering in the thousands held a ‘prayerful procession’ outside Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles on Friday night..

  • The protesters gathered several hours before the first pitch was thrown at the Los Angeles Dodgers’ Pride Night on Friday
  • Catholics for Catholics protested the Dodgers’ decision to recognize the charity group Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence
  • The group described them as ‘Godless’ and ‘Christ-mocking’ ahead of plans for them to receive the Community Hero Award during a pregame ceremony

The Los Angeles Dodgers baseball team is facing a Bud Light-style boycott after inviting a controversial LGBTQ group of drag queen ‘nuns’ to a Pride Night ceremony – enraging the Catholic community and sparking protests on Friday.

The group, the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, was invited to appear before the Dodgers’ game against the San Francisco Giants, and receive an award for their community work.

The ceremony to award the Community Hero Award to the ‘nuns’ was held before an almost-empty stadium, ahead of the game – but outside, protesters gathered. 

The groups appearance at Friday’s ball game, at a time when brands such as Bud Light and Target have faced backlash from the far right for stocking items that extol equal rights and acceptance for LGBTQ members, did not go down well with fans. 

Bud Light’s parent company Anheuser-Busch has tanked more than $26 billion in market value since it unveiled transgender influencer Dylan Mulvaney as a brand partner on April 1. Mulvaney’s star, however, has continued to rise, as she was most recently seen attending the premiere of Wes Anderson’s Asteroid City in New York.

Robert Barron, a Catholic bishop in southern Minnesota and formerly an auxiliary bishop in Los Angeles, told his 240,000 followers on Twitter that the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence ‘can only be described as an anti-Catholic hate group,’ and urged a boycott of the club.

He tweeted: ‘I’m a big baseball fan. I’ve even thrown out the first pitch at a Dodgers game. 

‘But I’d encourage my friends in LA to boycott the Dodgers. Let’s not just pray, but make our voices heard in defense of our Catholic faith.’

Thousands of religious activists held a ‘prayerful procession’ outside Dodger Stadium, responding to a call for a ‘prayerful response to Dodgers’ godless decision to honor blasphemous, Christ-mocking ‘Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence.’ 

Protesters wore red, in honor of the sacred heart, and held signs as they gathered before the game.

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