March 3, 2024

Untapped market: Pfizer targets children & infants to sustain record-breaking COVID-19 profits in kids’ ad

Pfizer promotes their COVID shot in disturbing new promotional video ‘superheroes’

By Jordan Schachtel at The Dossier

Despite the reality that children and teens are at near zero risk from COVID-19, Pfizer and Moderna are attempting to make sure every kid across the world is supplied with and coerced into taking mRNA shots. To make up for a projected drop in 2022 COVID shot income, the two outfits have zero moral objections to attempting to harvest this potentially massive untapped market.

As I reported Tuesday in The Dossier, the companies have made tens of billions of dollars in 2021 profits off the backs of U.S. and global taxpayers. And the companies have signaled to shareholders that they will need to expand their “customer” base in order to achieve the same success in the future.

In recent quarterly reports and financial statements, the two companies have made it crystal-clear that their strategy involves preying upon the most vulnerable. In order to make up for potential lost COVID-19 mRNA shot profits, due to an expected decline in adult demand, they’re doubling down on the untapped child COVID shot market.

Thanks to aggressive wheeling and dealing in Washington, D.C., Pfizer currently has a monopoly over the U.S. 5-17 year old COVID shot market. The FDA recently cleared the Pfizer shots for children, while conceding during its committee hearing that the Government Health outfit has no idea about the long term risks to children.

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