June 21, 2024

WATCH: Veep Thoughts With Kamala Harris

‘It is time for us to do what we have been doing. And that time is every day.’


Veep Thoughts With Kamala Harris

Uploaded by Washington Free Beacon on 2022-01-14.

If Democrats were honest, more of them would be sounding the alarm about the possibility that President Joe Biden, 79, could keel over at any minute or otherwise lose the capacity to serve as nominal commander in chief. The result, a Kamala Harris presidency, would be hilarious and catastrophic.

The veep’s first year in office has played out like the eighth season of Veep, the HBO satire starring Julia Louis-Dreyfus as a hapless politician whose ruthless ambition is repeatedly thwarted by her own incompetence. From adopting a French accent on a trip to Paris to discussing the marvels of outer space with a group of child actors, Harris has consistently made herself a laughingstock on the national stage.

Harris is terrible at interviews, mostly due to a lack of political talent, yet continues to do them. That might be because all of her competent staff members have fled her notoriously dysfunctional office like rats from a sinking ship. Earlier this week, for example, she was asked by NBC’s Craig Melvin whether it was time for the White House to reconsider its COVID-19 strategy.  The veep’s answer was vintage Selina Meyer.

“It is time for us to do what we have been doing,” Harris said. “And that time is every day.”

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