April 22, 2024

Poll: 60% Deem Joe Biden’s First Year in Office ‘Unsuccessful’ – Breitbart


Most Americans rate President Joe Biden’s first year in office “unsuccessful,” a Rasmussen Reports survey released Wednesday revealed.

The survey asked respondents to gauge Biden’s first year, asking, “How successful has Biden’s first year in office been?”

Overall, 60 percent deemed Biden’s first year in office “unsuccessful,” and of those, 50 percent say his first year was “very” unsuccessful. 

Notably, 84 percent of Republicans said Biden’s first year was unsuccessful, and 69 percent of independents hold that same sentiment. A majority of Democrats, 68 percent, deemed Biden’s first year a success.

The survey also asked respondents if America has become “more united or more divided” since Biden became president — a major theme in Biden’s inaugural speech.

A majority, 57 percent, say the country has become “more divided,” while 30 percent say it has “remained about the same.” Just 12 percent say it has become “more united” since he took office. 

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