June 21, 2024

‘Intolerant, Stuck-In-His-Ways Old Man’ – Major UK Newspaper Slams ‘Useless and Nasty’ Biden

Major UK Newspaper Slams ‘Useless and Nasty’ Biden

Biden, whose presidency was supposed to mark a return to international esteem, was slammed as “useless and nasty” by a leading UK newspaper.

President Joe Biden, whose inauguration was supposed to herald a return to international esteem for the U.S., has been slammed as “useless and nasty” by one of Britain’s leading newspapers.

The Telegraph, close to Britain’s governing Conservative (Tory) party and the country’s best-selling broadsheet, published an article by Associate Editor Camilla Tominey suggesting that “Biden’s qualities for the Oval Office are almost non-existent.”

Leading by recalling Barack Obama’s alleged warning that the Democratic Party should “[not] underestimate Joe’s ability to f**k things up” as he vied to be nominated as its presidential candidate in 2020, Tominey said that Biden’s time in office had demonstrated exactly why his former boss may have had misgivings about giving him the top job.

“From losing his train of thought mid-sentence to forgetting one of his own congresswomen had died in a car crash, the 79-year-old has hardly proved to be the answer to America’s crisis of confidence,” she suggested.

Tominey seemed unwilling to blame all of the American leader’s issues on his age, however, suggesting that his actions in office showed he had “a rather nasty side”, citing his denouncement of MAGA Republicans as “semi-fascists” and his snub to the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) with the words “I’m Irish” shortly after the 2020 vote.

“These aren’t the sentiments of a ‘progressive’ politician but the rantings of an intolerant, stuck-in-his-ways old man who can’t abide anyone who disagrees with him,” Tominey observed.

Despite its right-leaning credentials, The Telegraph should not be mistaken for a natural foe of the U.S. Democrats — indeed, Tominey’s chief criticism of Biden’s crass “No one f***s with a Biden” remarks at  Fort Myers Beach, Florida recently is that they were “Trumpesque”.

The newspaper is also far from socially conservative, repeatedly pushing an article encouraging husbands to let their wives cuckhold them as a Christmas present, for example, and bizarrely praising Netflix’s Cuties as a rebuke to “an age terrified of child sexuality”.

That even such conservative-in-name-only outlets are now turning on a President whose entry to the White House was hailed by the equally conservative-in-name-only former prime minister Boris Johnson as a “breath of fresh air” gives some indication of how far his standing has fallen.

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